How To Hang Curtains with a Valance

Image of valance curtains

A valance is a window-enhancing treatment that is mainly placed to hide the curtain rod. Valances are sometimes called window toppers because they are located at the top of the window and are often placed together with existing window coverings like curtains, blinds, and heavy drapes.  Read on for some handy tips on how to hang curtains with a valance. 

  • To avoid confusion and color-pattern overload, valances are usually just plain in color and texture. You can experiment with simple prints and varying textures or fabric patterns on your valances. But, see to it that your valance does not go against the over-all look of the existing window coverings and that it does not overpower the view of the window.
  • For the curtain fabric, it is okay to choose heavier and flashier designs and mesmerizing colors, since they are the main objects. It is better to purchase or choose the fabrics for both the curtain and the valance at the same time so you can check their compatibility.
  • Before beginning the process, make sure that you have all the materials that you need: the rods, fabrics, holdbacks, hooks, drills, and anything you find necessary.
  • You must attach the curtains first to the rods on the windows. Style them the way you want. Like valances, you can make use of mushroom holdbacks, hooks, sconces, and pins to hold the curtains and valance in position.
  • The length of the curtains must fit the windows. You could either apply intricate designs on either only the curtains or only the valances, but never on both. However, if your curtain fabric is already heavily designed with prints and patterns, it is advised to place it in a simple fashion. Draping the curtain too much that it trails down on the floor would also make it redundant because you could also drape the valance like a scarf valance. Doing so would just result in a mess. You would not be creating emphasis on either the window or the view outside it.
  • It would probably take a longer time to attach the valance. Unless you are already an expert on this, you would need to experiment more on the accent to make it look cohesive with the curtains. Fortunately, there are a lot of styles you can do with the fabrics to create the perfect valance. Starting with the scarf valance or simple swag, this is as easy as putting two end parts of the fabric on the rod or securing it with a holdback to create a big M-figure on the frame of the window with a plain sag on the middle. The sag depends on the length of the window.  You could add patterns of the side of the swag too.
  • There is the also pleated edge valance. The patterns on the pleat vary from boxes, triangles, scallops or a combination of these.
  • Another type is the balloon valance. You can see a ballooning effect on the edge of the valance adding more weight and volume to the window. Intricate looks and shapes are present in blouson, ascot, and fringed valances.

Hanging curtains with a valance can be an intricate and delicate process.  But, if you are into it and your heart is meant for it, the process should be fun and satisfying.


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