How To Hang Curtains with Clip Rings

There are more and more ways for you to dress up your windows, one of which is the clip ring. The great thing about this innovation is that it makes changing curtains easier because all you have to do is unclasp the curtains from the clips, instead of having to take down the rod to release the curtain loops. For first-timers, follow these tips to avoid wastage and to ensure beautifully hung window curtains.

  • Size matters. The basics to setting up curtains for your home is to determine the size you need for rods and curtains. To do this, use a measuring tape to get the dimensions of your windows. You’ll need to a half inch to each side of the window to make sure that your rods are the perfect fit. You’ll also need this measurement to determine the size of your curtains.
  • Ring leader. While many might simply loop their curtains through the rod, using clip rings is one way for you to easily change your curtains. First, you’ll need to match your ring size with your rod size. Get rings that are big enough to insert the rod through. The labels on the package should indicate which rods fit best.
  • Exact measurements. For people who like precision, you can get mathematical about using curtain clips. Measure your rod, divide the number by five, and then add two to determine how many clips you’ll need. This can vary, depending on how closely hung you want your curtains clipped. You can also choose to divide the length of your rod by the distance you prefer between each clip. The number of clips you’ll need to purchase also depends on the weight of your fabric or curtain. If the curtain is heavy, the rings need to be clipped closer together.
  • Attach your curtain to the clip rings. Unclip a ring, put a portion of the curtain in between, then clasp closed. Repeat this process until you reached the end of the curtain.
  • Decorate your clip rings. To add a special touch to your clip rings, why not decorate them? You can use plastic flowers and super glue them in a creative way around the rings, or adorn the rings with trinkets. Use your creativity to come up with a look that’s all you.
  • Personalize your curtain. Since you’ve already gone ahead and personalized your clip rings, why not go ahead and do the same for your curtains? If you want curtains that’s not out on the market, you can make your own by purchasing fabric from the store, simply fold down the edges by about two inches, fold one more time, then sew or glue it in place. Attach these to the clips to transform into curtains! The steps are so easy that you can practically hang new curtains every week. You can even make themed curtains for special occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!

Lastly, don’t forget to hang the rod through the clips, set on brackets or the wall above your windows, and pat your curtains into place.


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