How To Hang Drapes with Sheers

Though drapes can already complete the look of your windows, hanging them with sheers will add more magic to their overall appeal. For one, the sheers add elegance to the long drapes you have. Plus, it also gives off a soft look that balances the heavy appearance of the drapes. Hence, the next time you wish to decorate your windows, it is a good idea to hang drapes with sheers.

Contrary to what you may think, hanging drapes with sheers on your windows is not a tough job at all. You can follow some simple steps and off you go for such an elegant and balanced look not only for your windows but also for the overall room. So here, check out these guidelines in helping you complete this task successfully:

  1. Grab the right kind of rod. There are different kinds of rod available in the market for your use. You have to choose one depending on the type of your sheers as well as drapes, the look you wish to achieve, and the space where you will be installing them. Some of the most common rods you can try include the pressure rod, sheer rod, and double curtain rod.
  2. Install the rods. Once you have selected the right type of rod for this purpose, you can install them on the window you wish to dress up. You can install each rod correctly by closely following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Prepare the drapes as well as the sheers. Get your sheers and drapes and prepare them for the display. Make sure that they are out of creases so better iron all the sheers and the drapes before you hang them. However, keep in mind that when ironing the sheers, the iron must be set to its lowest setting so as not to melt or burn the material.
  4. Install the drapes and the sheers. Here, you need to hang the sheers first by having the rod slide into its pocket. Then, slide the drapes in as well. If you are using a double rod, you can use the smaller piece of the two rods for the sheers and the other for the drapes.
  5. Hang them on their designated windows. After sliding the sheers and drapes into their respective rods, you need to hang them already by the window. Then arrange them in a way that you wish them to look for the benefit of the design of your room. You have the option to tie the drapes on both sides or any other arrangements that you think will work best for your room.

Creating elegance for your windows and your rooms is as simple as hanging drapes with sheers. You don't have to worry about your dressing up your windows elegantly anymore. A simple combination of heavy drapes and soft sheers can do most of the trick in transforming any of your rooms into a great space.


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