How To Hang Fabric from the Ceiling

Many people think that all kinds of home improvement are a bit expensive and time consuming. With all the materials that you need to buy and the carpenters, designers or cleaners that you need to hire you definitely would have to spend a serious amount of money. And that is just some ordinary melioration. What if you are aiming for additional elegance and uniqueness? It would surely cost you more! Well, think again. It does not necessarily mean that you automatically need some overpriced materials just to get that ritzy look that you have always wanted. That is not always the case. For all individuals that are on a tight budget, you can easily add a canopy from the ceiling. That would really give you a classy and yet simple ambience. You do not even need to move any furniture! Just put some fabric on top of you and your place will magnificently fit for a queen. But how exactly are you going to do that? It is so easy! Just read on and learn more about how to hang a canopy or fabric on your ceiling.

  • What's the big picture? Create a picture in your mind. How would you like the room to look like? What kind of design are you aiming for? It is very important that you know what you want to do and why you would like to hang fabrics on your ceilings. Everything will depend on what you want so make sure that your goals are very clear.
  • Get the measurements of the room. Make sure that you measure it from ceiling to the floor, the length of the walls and the width of the ceiling. Write down the measurements on a piece of paper.
  • Prepare all materials needed. Buy the fabric, the size should cover the width and length of your ceiling to your floor. It would be wise if you choose a nude and plain color. Avoid selecting loud colors with flashy designs. Make sure that you buy the metal rings as well.
  • Put the metal rings on the ceiling. Now cut the fabric according to the style that you have in mind and then put the end of the fabric inside the metal rings. Let it loose and drape it over casually until it reaches the ground. If it is too long, cut accordingly.

It is truly amazing how this very simple and easy process always works like a charm! Just follow these effective steps and you will immediately see the change that it can induce to your room. The best part is, it is extremely inexpensive and cost effective. You do not need to hire any pricey designers or you do not need to obtain costly materials. All you need is a bit of your time, your two very able hands, some ladder and a tasteful cloth then you are ready to go! How wonderful is that? Just remember, always be careful when you are hanging the canopy over your head. It is highly recommended that you wear flat shoes, preferably rubber for better friction so you can avoid slipping or falling. Now what are you waiting for? Put on your working cap and get a move on! Good luck and enjoy the grand result.


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