How To Hang Kraft Paper Wallpaper

Updating your wallpaper can be expensive, especially if you hire workers to do it. Give your walls a fresh look that won’t cut into your budget. A simple way to give your walls a boost is to use kraft paper and install it as wallpaper. It will look classy, resembling suede, but won’t cost you as much, especially if you lead the project yourself.

  • Necessities. You’ll need one gallon of Draw Tite No Run, a paint brush, gloves, 200 feet of kraft paper, paste bucket, paste, wallpaper brush, a bottle of brown acrylic paint, plastic smoother, paint stick, and one gallon of polyurethane. Make sure to get enough kraft paper to cover the wall you’re working on.
  • Start fresh. First, clean the area you’ll be working with. Make a concoction of fabric softener and hot water, a half to a half. Put this in a spray bottle for easy dispensing. Spray on walls, and then strip off all old paper making sure there is no debris left. Then clean thoroughly with TSP. If your wallpaper is of the new variant, the kind that technology has produced to make life easier for the homeowners, then you can most likely strip it with a putty knife.
  • Preparing your wall. Don’t mount your fresh kraft paper on your bare drywall. Make sure that you at least have a primer.
  • Protect your surroundings. Before you start, spread old newspaper or rags on the floor surrounding your work area to avoid any stains or spills. Don your rubber gloves to protect your hands.
  • Up the new wallpaper goes. Set your wall with Draw Tite No Run before you do anything else.
  • In bits and pieces. Work in small areas, preferably 2 feet at a time. Tear a piece of kraft paper from the roll. Tear this piece into smaller pieces of paper. Apply wallpaper past to your kraft paper, then assemble on the wall. It’s best to overlap some pieces together to cover the entire area of the wall. Use pieces with straight edges to line the wall areas need the ceiling and the adjacent wall, door or window. Get rid of bubbles, bumps and lumps by using the scraper to smoothen out the kraft paper.
  • Finishing touches. After giving the wallpaper some time to dry, get your brown acrylic paint, add to your polyurethane and then mix well. Use a brush to coat your newly papered wall.
  • Homemade glue. For the kraft savvy, you can opt to go the extra mile and make your own paste for your wallpaper. It’s cheaper, and environment friendly! You’ll need 250 grams or wheat flour, 2 liters warm water, turpentine essence of about 2 deciliters, and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix the flour with only one liter of the warm water until it is smooth, then mix while adding the rest of the water. Put over low heat and stir for 5-10 minutes or until the paste thickens. When it sticks to your mixing tool, take off heat, add the turpentine, and then add the sugar.

With the newfound knowledge of how to wallpaper your house with kraft paper, you can now update all the walls in your house according to need, but without emptying your pockets!


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