How To Hang Large Pictures or Groupings of Pictures

Having large pictures displayed on your wall can truly make a big difference. It can light up any kind of room while adding some personality to it. The larger the portrait is, the bigger effect that it can give you. The thing is, it can be quite a challenge to hang such large things on your wall. Why don't you just follow these steps on how to properly hang big pictures or groups of it as effortlessly as you can? You can even add a little bit of creativity here and there while hanging it up. You will really be surprised about how amazingly easy and fun it is! Read on to learn more.

  • Draft the pictures. Get a huge draft paper (make sure that the size of the picture fits the whole paper). Put it on the floor and flat it out. Now get one of the pictures that you want to hang and place it gently on top of the draft paper, with the front facing down. Using a pencil, gently trace the picture. Carefully remove the paper underneath and put it on top of the photo frame. Trace the hooks on the back. Cut the draft by following the outline that you just did.
  • Put the draft on the wall. Start contemplating on where you would like to place your pictures. Since your photos are too big and heavy to carry around the wall, your best option is to use an outlined draft of it. Move it around until you know where you want to position the pictures. Put marks on the location so you will not forget. Make sure that you follow the traced hook markings on the draft paper because that is where you will be placing the hooks.
  • Hook it up! Tightly screw in the hooks on the wall by following the hook marks. Get the huge pictures and hang it all up. Adjust the level accordingly.

Before you even do this process, it is very important that you ask your loved ones or your friends to help you with the lifting. These big pictures are extremely fragile and are definitely not feather light. Make sure that you have someone to help you move, lift and hang them. That will make things faster, easier and safer. This is truly not a one-man's job. If you have a certain look or effect that you are aiming for, be very patient about working on the placement. Trial and error is in order and you need someone to adjust the pictures while you scrutinize them. It would not hurt if you use painter's tape. It would protect your wall paint from peeling all over. Just follow these very effective steps and you can never go wrong! Always remember to use the right size and weight of materials for your pictures. Good luck and have fun!


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