How To Hang Multiple Pictures

Hanging different pictures around your house can be really fun and relaxing. It can be a task that can be easily converted into something recreational. Touch your room with your personality by putting different pictures of your loved ones, close friends, memorable events or other significant and well cherished photos. All you need is a bunch of pictures that are properly framed, some low cost picture hooks that you can easily get at any hardware and a ladder. You do not even need to hire a professional to do this stuff for you! As long as you know how to do it, then there is no reason for you to not to do it all by yourself. This can be a tricky thing to do but do not worry. All the steps are already laid out for you in the simplest manner to make it all easier. All you need to do is follow them! Read on to learn more.

  • The design plan. Start by thinking of a design or a theme that you would like to put on your wall. Since you will be hanging multiple pictures, it would be best if you use frames that have one style to avoid a chaotic and confusing look. Make sure that the end result is very clear to you before you start putting up a bunch of pictures on your wall. You can either position the pictures horizontally or vertically. Unless you are going to put it on the wall beside the stairs, do not use the "stair-step" technique.
  • Get the center. Get the center of the wall by measuring it accordingly. Estimating it can give you an unbalanced and crooked look so might as well get your measuring tape to achieve accurately symmetrical results. Mark the center with a chalk.
  • Space it right. Draft the size of the pictures using a draft paper. Cut the outline out and put it up on the wall. Mark your first picture with a chalk and start moving on to the second position. Make sure that each picture is at least three inches apart and base it all on the center of the wall.
  • Start putting picture hooks. Put the hooks up on the center of the markings. Make sure that you tightly and firmly screw it in. Hang the pictures and level them accordingly.

It can be a bit challenging to hang multiple pictures on your wall. However, with all these simple steps to follow, everything can be easier! Think outside the box and bring out that creativity by accentuating. You can put a bunch of designs above each picture to create a certain look. This can certainly give you an edge! Do not forget that you always double check all the measurements before you try drilling some holes on your wall. Be careful and it would not hurt if you ask your loved ones and friends to help you with the hanging. When climbing up a ladder, wear flat shoes with rubber heels for better friction and to avoid slipping. Good luck and have fun!


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