How To Hang Pinch Pleated Curtains

Pinch pleated curtains look wonderfully elegant on any window. Whether you have set-up curtains on a window before, or are a complete novice, getting the job done does not require a professional. You can do the job yourself and make it a personal project. However, the tricky part is hanging them correctly. To hang them incorrectly can ruin the entire look of the pinch pleats, leaving your windows looking messy and misshapen.

  • The first step is to procure your materials. Get everything you need ready. If you’re starting from scratch, purchase your rods, the hardware, the drills, and the pinch pleated curtains. Measure the window area well in order to avoid curtains that are too long or too short. Correct measurements are also essential to getting the right rod size.
  • Rings and clips. You have the option to use either rings or pins to hang your curtains with. In any case, attaching the curtain to the clips is easier done by spreading the curtain on the back of a couch. Clip each pleat evenly, with ample distance between each clip. Make sure the distance between the clips isn’t too far apart otherwise this might cause your curtain to sag. You should clip each pleat separately to get the desired effect.
  • Pinning your curtain. Another way to hang your pleated curtains is to   use pins. You’ll find that your curtains will have a hard section at the top. Insert your pin here. Repeat for the rest of the pleats, but make sure that the pins are attached well and at the same level so that your curtains will not be lopsided. For this method, you’ll need a traverse rod. These will have provisions for pins to be inserted into small holes. Try pinning your curtains in such a way that the top of the curtains will graze the bottom of the rod, hiding the little holes from view. If your curtains are a little flimsy, put pins at both ends to hold them up.
  • Final touches. After hanging up your curtains, run your hand down the curtain, starting from the top of the pleat to the bottom of the curtain, just to get the curtain from hanging properly. If you wish to hide the rings, clips, hooks or pins, you can decorate your curtain set-up with a little creative treatment. You can use plastic flowers or other trinkets and pin them at the top of each pleat, where the hardware is. This will cover the hardware and add a little flair to your curtains. Use a valance to cover the rod, if you prefer that the rod be hidden.

Be reminded that the weight of your curtain will determine how many hooks and clips you’ll need. The heavier the drape, the more clips or rings you’ll need. Set the clips or hooks closer to each other to provide the curtain more support. To make your curtains more flexible, attach pretty holdbacks or tiebacks for sunny days when you just feel like letting the light warm the room.


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