How To Hang Pinch Pleated Draperies

Pinch pleated draperies can instantly give your home a sophisticated and elegant look. Unlike the typical plain curtains, pinch pleated designed drapes are hung and held together by rings, hooks and clips that give character to the fabric, and thus the room of your choice. However, getting it done and making your home seem like a pull-out from a magazine is quite tasking and to a point intimidating.  

But fear not, hanging your draperies at home like a pro can actually be easy as long as you know the rules and secrets in making the pleats and ruffles look neat and classy.

There are various ways to hang pinch-pleated draperies. Using curtain or clip rings and using pin hooks are just two of the most famous ways in doing so. But before any more tips on how to use these techniques effectively, here are two rules that must be considered for all pinch-pleated draperies in general.

  • Go outward. This rule is for all types of draperies. If you are using more than one rod, always start with the inner rod for the most obvious reason that it would be very difficult trying to set up the backmost rod when all the ones in front are set and done.
  • Iron properly. Before setting up your pinch-pleated draperies make sure to iron them smooth.

The difference between pin hooks and curtain or clip rings is how they attach. These rings are preferable since they are able to carry the weight of heavy draperies. In using clip rings, it is important to note the following.

  • First determine how many clip rings you will need. Rule of thumb is for heavier pleats use two clips and for lighter ones, use one. If you are to use two clips, place one on each side of the pleat. If you’re using only one, it is up to you which side of the pleat you will use. Just make sure that you place each clip consistently no matter which side you choose to use.
  • Before you slide the drapery into the rod, first attach the drapery to the clip ring using your pin hooks. You can slide the drapery into the rod after.
  • Put the hooks in evenly. Meaning to say, make sure that all your hooks are put in the same point so when hung, your draperies will look even. Remember that one hook that would hang higher or lower can make them look messy.

Here are some tips for using pin hooks:

  • Same as with clip rings, make sure that that each metal pin hook is an equal distance from the others. This is to make sure that your draperies hang evenly from the top. If you are having a hard time, you can make use of a ruler to assist you with the measurements.
  • With one side of the panel down, you can start working on one panel at a time.
  • With each drapery pleat, slowly insert the pointed end of a pin hook into it. After each pleat is done, make sure that each hook is not poking through the front of your curtain. Repeat this procedure with the next drapery panel.

Yes, hanging pinch-pleated draperies seem to be a huge ordeal. So if you are living on your own, you might want to ask your friendly neighbors for a little hand.


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