How To Hang Priscilla Curtains

Priscilla curtains are more than just curtains.  They have created a tradition in home decoration.  Their style is distinctly timeless and their beauty, exquisitely elegant. If you place them in a room that is modern, they lend and add the fashionable look into it.  If you incorporate them in a room that is period-inspired, they bring a certain flair or charm of the Victorian era.  And when your guests get to look at your Priscilla curtains closely, they may begin to wonder how did you actually put or hang them there.  Here are some tips on how you can hang your Priscilla curtains by yourself without losing the dramatic effect you want to achieve: 

Choose your color and your design wisely.  You want your Priscilla curtains to complement whatever you have in your house interiors now.  For them to stand out, they should be seen as part of a grand design.  So, don’t favor any color or design that sticks out.

Get the exact measurement of your window frame.  A mere estimate may not be reliable.  You need to hang curtains that are wide enough to cover your entire window frame.  Don’t forget that each panel of your Priscilla curtain should be, at least, double the actual length of the window you that you wish to dress.  That exacting requirement makes your Priscilla curtains more special.  As a rule, there is nothing wrong if it’s too wide.  It is certainly better than not being wide enough for your window frame.

Install your curtain hardware properly.  Your Priscilla curtains require to be hung on a standard pair of double curtain rods.  Begin the installation by attaching the two rod brackets.  They should be attached separately and side-by-side.  If you don’t want to bother doing this, just get curtain rods that come handy with double attachments.  The double rod kit permits one curtain to be attached effortlessly over the other curtain.  To highlight the effect, one curtain has a shorter shank, and the other, the longer one.

See if the ruffles are shown properly and prominently
.  The ruffles are important design aspect of your Priscilla curtains. You can see them down on one side.  They can also be all around the sides.  Ruffles should be facing opposite directions to create the desired effect.

Drape your curtains. Here is the trick.  You can pull sections of each of your curtain panel loosely.  You can pull them from the tie back.  This allows the ruffled panels of your Priscilla curtains to drape directly across each other.  This effect is seen in the middle part of your window.  You can decide how much swag is needed to create the dramatic flair.  It can be adjusted by focusing on the area where the two panels directly cross.  

Enjoy the timeless charm of your Priscilla curtains.  If you want to be certain about how they can enhance the overall look of your living room or bedroom, consult an interior designer.  His professional take can make a valuable difference in your home decoration stint.


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