How To Hang Sheer Curtains

The curtains or drapes do not only control the light and insulation inside our home, but also add design and character to the overall features of the house. They also come in varying types of fabric and even thickness depending on how much light you want to be absorbed in your house and vice versa.

A sheer or net curtain is the translucent variation of drapes. It is either made from woven polyester voile or a cotton lace and it is this type of curtain that allows light to be absorbed in your room. Here are some quick and easy steps on how you can hang your sheer curtains in any part of your room.

  • First remove any existing curtains from you window and clean it from inside out.
  • Once the window and its surrounding area is clean, measure the length of the top of the window to a little bit outside of the window frame then mark the spot where you want to drill your holes using a pencil.
  • Next, drill holes in the marked areas. It is much preferred that you use drilling screws that are a little bit smaller than the ones that came with your curtain rod in order for the curtain rod screws to fit tightly into your wall once attached.
  • Once you have your wall clean and your holes drilled in, it’s time to put in the screws and all the other hardware that came with your curtain rod to ensure that your sheer curtains hang properly from them. If you think your rod is still a little loose when attached to your wall, you can apply a little wood glue inside the holes to make the screws attach to the cement better.
  • Now for the hanging your sheer draperies part. Make sure that your curtains are ironed smooth before you decide to put them on your rod. As a tip, the best way to iron your net curtain is with a warm iron and a little water so that you will not ruin the delicate fabric.
  • Once your sheer curtains are ready for hanging, slowly feed your curtain into the rod through the small open pouches sewn onto the top most part of the curtains.
  • Afterwards, you can now hang the curtain rod to the wall by placing each end of your rod to the hook that you put in the holes that you initially made.
  • Arrange the sheer curtains in such a manner that it would look generally even and don’t forget to keep your hooks and clips unseen as much as possible.

With these few easy to do stops, you are sure to add a little character into your room. Whether it is in the bedroom, the den or even your kitchen. Not only that, you can control the light that goes in your room by just adjusting your curtain depending on the amount of light that you want to seep through your home.


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