How To Hang Sheer Drapes and Curtains

Opening home window curtain
You do not always need interior decorators that charge you high fees to make the insides of your home look attractive and welcoming. Sometimes all it takes is a little innovation and creativity. Using sheer drapes for example is a simple and affordable way to decorate your window. The sheer curtains alone can serve as a light filter. Paired with curtains or drapes, they can give you the added privacy that you need during the day or night.

Knowing how to hang sheer drapes and curtains is advantageous since being able to can help add a classy look in any part of your home. With a little creativity from your end and a dash of industry, you can instantly give your room a rather unique personality.

Just to give you an overview of how it is done, here are a few tips and quick-to-do steps that you must remember in making use sheer drapes and curtains.

  • Buy the right rod. For the most obvious reasons, it is important to choose the right rod that is capable of supporting the weight of your material. Thicker and sturdier rods are needed for heavy drapes while thinner rods can do for light curtains. In addition, it should be the same size as your window or a little longer since the idea is to cover the window where light enters.
  • Know your purpose. Some people buy sheer curtains to add décor to their home. Others on the other hand, use such curtains for window treatment like to control light and the absorption of heat for instance. It would be good to consider your objectives first and foremost in choosing the right width, color and style for your sheer drapes and curtains.
  • Start from the back. In situations like this where sheer drapes and curtains are to be installed on your window, it is best to start with the installation of the sheer drapes and its hardware. This would make the installation of the curtains easier since you don’t need to worry anymore about installing anything under.
  • Adjust your sheer drapes and curtains. Even before you install the curtains to your window, adjust the folds of your sheer drapes across the entire window to give it an evenly distributed look. Do the same procedure once you have installed your curtains.
  • Make use of drapery tiebacks. This tip works best for those who want to control the amount of light that enters into the house. In installing such, first determine where you want your drapery tiebacks placed and mark the area with a pencil. Once you are sure of the positioning, install your drapery tiebacks and experiment on them by gathering your drapes and pulling them inside your tiebacks’ loops. Afterwards, just start adjusting the folds of your sheer curtains and drapes according to your preference.

Hopefully, with these simple easy to do tricks and procedures, you can now decorate your home with just a play of both sheer curtains and draperies.


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