How To Hang Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding closet doors make the perfect space saver in any part of your home. It is a good way to avoid floor clutter and to hide unused items from plain sight.

There are primarily three types of sliding closet doors with each one serving its own purpose depending on your intention and objective.

  • Multi-fold closet doors
  • Bypass closet doors
  • Bi-fold closet doors.

Thinking ahead and deciding which type of sliding door is ideal for your home is important.

Though quick to install, hanging sliding closet doors can be quite tasking and getting a partner for help can do you wonders and help you save time. Given that you have the hardware for installation, a measuring tape, a pencil, a drill and screwdrivers, here are the procedures on how to install sliding closet doors in your home.

  1. Once you have decided which of the three types of sliding closet doors you would want to install in your home, decide if you want a finished or an unfinished look. Meaning to say, before you hang them, best to know if you want your doors painted or left unstained. If you decide to paint them, make sure to stain them before installation to avoid staining your walls.
  2. Once you have all your new hardware and new set of sliding closet doors prepared, get your area clean and ready by clearing out the existent doors and sliding door tracks from before. There wouldn’t be any need for you to save the used hardware, so you might want to throw them out. Also, make sure to remove all old bottom brackets and screws to give way to the new ones.
  3. Size up your new track hardware against the one you used previously to check for length and mark the new areas with a pencil as a reminder. This procedure would be much easier if you were to use the old holes that you did since you no longer has to make new one. If otherwise, this were where the help of a friend would be necessary.  Upon installation of the screws, make sure that all are drilled in tightly to prevent your new set of sliding closet doors for getting loose and falling apart. Then after, do the same procedure in attaching your bottom tracks.
  4. Once your tracks and screws are properly installed, you can now hang your sliding closet doors starting from the back sliding door to the front. Just leave the doors to hang and play with them by gently sliding them back and forth to ensure that the rollers do not skid. If your doors silently glide through the tracks, then it means that you were able to install the hardware successfully.

With these four easy to follow steps, you can turn your dull and cluttered room into a fresh looking and spacious one. Additionally, with the sliding closet doors, you can chuck out the excess and leave only your bare essentials in a room.


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