How To Hang Stuffed Animal

Having trouble organizing your child’s room and his large collection of stuffed animals? With only a few shelves to use for storage and a growing number of toys to keep, organizing your child’s room can indeed be very tasking.

There is a variety of ways to put in order a room full of toys. You can make use of a toy chest which is perfect for quick storage since all you have to do is dump in the stuffed animals and other toys into the chest. You also have toy shelves or cubbies which are very convenient since you just have to pick up a toy then put it back on display. But how else can you improvise storage when you’ve run out of space for more toy chests and shelves?

A good alternative for toy chests and toy cubbies can be hanging the stuffed animals. Some people use a pole. This would look somehow like a stuffed toy tree. With this easy to do innovation, you can actually hang up to 50 stuffed animals onto the pole by just using the elastics attached to the pole. This way you are able to display your child’s stuffed animals, while leaving your floor spacious and neat.

Aside from using poles that have elastic bands attached to them, there are other ways on how to hang your stuffed animals. Here is a list of some creative ideas and tips for you.

  • Laundry bag. The use of a laundry bag and hanging it at the back of the door or your closet is another efficient way to store unwanted clutter and stuffed animals in your child’s room. Like the basic toy chest, all you really have to do is dump in the toys and voila! Your room is clutter free.
  • Screw in eyehooks. This form of stuffed animal hanging system does not make use of poles, but instead uses eyehooks and fishing lines. If you have a knack for creativity, you can actually make your stuffed animals seem like they are hanging in thin air. Eye hooks come in various sizes and can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store. The small ones can be used for single stuffed toys while the bigger ones can be used to hang two or more.
  • Toy hammock or net. This is very ideal for small stuffed animals, because instead of attaching individual eyes hooks on a pole or meticulously tying fish lines on to your ceiling, all you have to do is gather the stuffed animals and hang them in a hammock.
  • Stuffed animal hanger. This one is a ready-made organizing system that you can avail of from your local toy and home improvement stores. They can be bought designed and finished and can give your room an instant creative look.
  • Pocket organizers. Like the former type of storage system and unlike DIY stuffed toy hangers, pocket organizers can be bought at your local home improvement store. They are not only used as storage systems for stuffed toys but for other things like shoes and socks as well. They can be hung on your closet and even behind your child’s bathroom door, which saves you a lot of floor space.

With these anti-clutter ideas, you can now arrange the stuffed animals and add more space for play in your child’s room.


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