How To Hang Traverse Curtain Rods

Hanging curtains or drapes can instantly turn a room into a cozier and more pleasant place to stay in or entertain guests. One of the classic ways to hang curtains or drapes is to use traverse curtain rods. Traverse curtain rods make opening and closing curtains simpler and faster.

There are two kinds of traverse curtain rods – the one-way draw traverse rod, and the two-way draw traverse rod. Curtains on one-way draw traverse rods may be pulled to either the left side or the right side.

Installing traverse curtain rods is basically the same for both kinds. You will need a traverse curtain rod, a Phillips-head drill bit, an electric drill, a screw driver, screws, wall anchors for the screws, a pencil and measuring tape.

You may also choose to hang your curtain or drapes either on the wall or the ceiling.

Listed below are the steps on how to hang your traverse curtain rods:

  • Measure the width of your curtain from the first pleat to the last. If you are using a two-way traverse rod, subtract at least five inches from the measurement that you obtained to give allowance for the curtain to overlap in the middle.
  • If the width of the traverse curtain rod exceeds forty inches, add supporting brackets to hold the heavy material of the curtain.
  • Measure the length of the curtain, leaving at least a one-inch allowance from the bottom of the curtain to the floor. Subtract three eighths of an inch from the measurement that you obtained to determine where the top bracket screw should be placed.
  • Take note of both the width and length measurements if you are mounting your traverse rod on the wall; otherwise, only the width of the curtain is necessary.
  • Using the final measurements you obtained, mark the wall where the brackets of the traverse curtain rod should be placed.
  • Two-way draw traverse rods use two brackets, while one-way draw traverse rods use one bracket and supports. However, you may also choose to use supporting brackets for a two-way draw traverse rod, measuring strategically to place them in equal distances from each other.
  • Drill the screw holes on to the wall and attach the needed brackets. If mounting on the ceiling, screw on the top of the pulley housing and the support clip.
  • Mount the traverse curtain rod on the brackets. Using your screwdriver, lock the traverse curtain rod by turning the cam. Screw the smaller or inside rod section clockwise, and the larger or outside rod section counterclockwise.
  • To install the pulley, make sure that you have the hole of the stem in sight. Insert the cord loop through the hole from the bottom going up.
  • Shorten the cord of the pulley to the exact length that you want by re-knotting its end and cutting off the excess.

After you have installed your traverse curtain rods, do not forget to check if everything is working properly. Try opening and closing the curtain or drapes to ensure that you will not be having problems in the future.


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