How To Hang Vinyl Wall Coverings

If you wish to transform your room into something magnificent in just a blink of an eye, better try to hang some vinyl wall coverings. Instead of painting your walls a different shade, it is a better approach to check out wall coverings to update its look. Not only does this project provide you a lot of options when speaking of designs but it is also budget-friendly and easy to install.

If you are convinced, you can start the project anytime you wish. However, if it is your first time to hang some vinyl wall coverings, it requires more job than when you did the same installing on the second or third or fourth time. The following steps focus on hanging these coverings for the first time on your walls:

  1. Prepare the walls. Prepare the room where you wish to install these coverings. You can do this by removing your old wallpaper and removing the outlet covers. Also, you have to fill in the cracks on the walls with any spackling compound of your choice. After doing this, you need to wipe the walls with a detergent so that it can be free from dirt as well as dust.
  2. Cover the walls. When you are certain that the walls are clean, you need to cover all walls with a vinyl wallpaper sizing. This is necessary to help the wallpaper to easily move in its position as well as to prevent formation of air pockets during installation.
  3. Draw a plumb line on the wall. First, you have to measure the wallpaper's width deducting half an inch from it. Then, mark the wall according to the measurement you got. Afterwards, drop the plumb line starting from the ceiling and lining it with the mark you previously added on the wall. This will become your pattern for installation of the first vinyl wallpaper strip.
  4. Prepare the first wallpaper strip. Cut the wallpaper adding two inches both on top and bottom of the paper. Then, coat its back with a wallpaper paste. If you are using a pre-pasted wallpaper, you need to submerge it in water for the recommended period of time.
  5. Place the strip on the wall. Place the pasted wallpaper on the marked area. You can use a special wallpaper brush so that it will be smoothened into place. Then, you can get a wallpaper knife so that you can trim its top and bottom perfectly.
  6. Repeat the process. You have to do these steps again until such time that the walls are all covered up with the vinyl coverings. However, make sure that each strip is installed close to each other to prevent a naked part of the wall from being exposed.
  7. Flatten each covering. After 15 minutes or so of installing the wall coverings, press each of them with a seam roller. Your only purpose here is to flatten the seams and not to press out the adhesive. Hence, do not overwork this step.

After all these hard work, you can have a very satisfying new room. Whether it is your kitchen or your bedroom, you will never go wrong in installing vinyl wall coverings in them.


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