How To Hang Voile Curtains

Voile is a French term for a type of curtain that allows you to have some semblance of privacy in your home while at the same time letting enough brightness and airiness into your own private Idaho. It is pronounced “oil” and means “veil” in English. Many people are intimidated by this decorating technique but this is actually super easy to do. All it takes is a wonderful eye for great design and a passion for decorating.

If you have both (or just one), then it’s time to get busy doing curtains Voile-style!

1.    Choose the material. Anything sheer or translucent enough made from cotton or silk will do it. Since you are aiming for a Voile look, you might want to stay away from thick and heavy materials like velvet or heavily embroidered brocade. Keep in mind that choosing your material is also budget dependent, so stay within your budget so you can easily complete this project in no time.

2.    Decide on the length. Assuming that this is your first time, (which is safe to assume since you are on this page reading this), it is recommended that you have a minimum of fabric that is more than twice the size of your window’s width and length. Using this as your benchmark will make sure you have enough fabric without rushing back to buy more. Aside from the hassle, you might not be able to find the same design when you come back.

3.    Measure twice, Cut once. Rule of thumb in carpentry is to measure twice and cut once. So then, measure the window by following this rule so you won’t make a mistake.

4.    Pay attention to installation materials. You might have to buy curtain rods, rings, and other accessories to complete this DIY project. Check with the fabric store to determine what installation materials you might require for the fabric that you have chosen.

5.    Choose which Voile style you want to execute. The beauty of a DIY project is that you can have free rein with the execution. In this case, you may:

  • Hang it from a rod.
  • Use the scarf method, which means hanging the fabric on either ends of a curtain rod and letting the fabric hang loosely from its ends.
  • Pooling the fabric, which means hanging it from the curtain rod and letting it pool thickly on the floor. The only issue with this decorating technique is that the fabric will most certainly become dirty very easily especially when you have kids and pets running around inside your home.

6.    Go for fabric panels that have Velcro®. It’s very tedious to sew your own fabric panels for Voile curtains. Instead choose something that has this material built-in so you can easily snap the fabric in place around a curtain rod. As an alternative, you can purchase fabric panels with snaps or buttons even.

7.    Begin hanging Voile curtains. Now that you have everything that you need, it’s time to begin the process. Use a sturdy stepladder and hang fabric panels beginning from left moving to the right until the entire window is covered with gauzy or translucent fabric.

Use a pretty ribbon if you want to part the Voile curtains at the center exactly like a child’s pigtails. C’est magnifique, non?


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