How To Hang Wall Pictures

Wall pictures are a great way of adding interesting design elements to your home.  They are eye catching and can become conversations pieces depending on what the pictures are all about.  Hanging a picture is not as simple as hammering away on a nail.  There are some considerations that should go into hanging anything on the wall.

Apart from wall photos, you can hang different images on the wall.  You can install a wall gallery of family pictures.  Wall scenery paintings, wall nature photos in black and white and reproductions of art pieces are also popular wall décor.  You can even hang a wall computer or television screen. 

If you want to hang wall pictures, here is what you should do:

  1. Identify what to hang.  Are you hanging one large framed picture or a group of smaller ones?  The number and size of wall pictures you are hanging will determine the location and use of the wall space.
  2. Plan the use of the wall space.  You may or may not use a ruler for this step if you are good at approximating distance and space.  However, it is best to have a ruler or measuring tape on hand for hanging a set of photos.  The single picture or the centerpiece of a set should be at eye level.  Your reference point should be the center of the picture and not the edges of the frame.  The standard distance is usually 60 inches from the floor.  The distance between the wall pictures will depend on the size of the frames.  Larger frames need more distance between them than a group of smaller frames.  Use a pencil to mark the top corners of where the frames will go.
  3. Choose the picture hanger.  Nowadays, there are many choices of picture hangers.  Nails are no longer the norm.  Choose a hook that can support the weight of the frame.  For larger frames, you may need to use two hooks.  Hardware stores sell different hooks, decorative screws as well as bracket cleats.  Cleats are good for hanging heavy objects.  The type of wall (dry wall, plaster wall etc.) is also a consideration.  Check with the hardware personnel for the right picture hanger to use.
  4. Install the picture hanger.  Measure where the picture hanger should hit the wall.  Do this by measuring the distance between one top edge of the frame and the hanging tab behind the frame.  Using this measurement, go to the pencil mark on the wall and measure that distance going down to where the picture hanger should hit the wall.  Mark the spot with a pencil.  If more than two hangers will be used, mark both spots.  Install the picture hanger you chose.  It should be straight and must penetrate the wall by a distance of least 1 ½”.
  5. Hang the wall picture.  After the picture hanger has been installed, you can now hang the frame.  Check that it is straight and flushed to the wall.

Hanging a wall picture should not take long.  Make sure to use the right picture hangers given the weight of the picture and the type of wall the frame will hang on.  Wall pictures add a nice touch to any room in the house.  Instead of having picture frames on top of the mantle, a gallery of pictures of your loved ones or of your travels abroad would be a wonderful way to decorate an otherwise empty wall.  


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any creatvie ways to hang them? thanks for the tips though

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