How To Hang Wooden Letters with Ribbon

It only takes creativity to decorate and add personality to a room. One way to do this is by using wooden letters to form the room owner’s name and hanging this thing on the wall with ribbons. Aside from labels and names, other themes could be phrases or quotes that serve as inspiration to you or reminders.

Various kinds of wood can be used to form the different letters of the alphabet and there is also a wide array of ribbons to be chosen from to match the room that you plan to decorate. To add design, you can even paint the wooden letter with the patterns that you would want to blend in your room.

For the hanging and installation part, you can use wooden letters with ribbons. This can be a little difficult since you would have to perfect the distance between letters. Nevertheless, here are the important steps including tips on how to hang wooden letters with ribbon in any room of your home.

  • Once you have purchased your wooden letters, smoothen its surface with sandpaper. Make sure that you even out all corners and take out any splinters that may cause harm on children.
  • Decorate your letters according to your taste and preference. Make sure that you let them dry well if you painted them to avoid any mess or stains on your wall upon hanging.
  • Once you have finished your letters, choose the type of ribbon that you will use for hanging them. Measure and cut them according to you preferred length and attach one to each letter either with a glue gun or heavy-duty stapler. Test your ribbon if it can handle the weight of your wooden letters by holding each one up on the air.
  • Next, determine what kind of placement you want for you wooden letters by setting them up on a flat surface and experimenting on appropriate placements for you letters once you hang them on the wall. This will somehow give you an idea of how your wooden letters will look on your wall. For better measurements, take not of the distance between letters using a ruler and use this as a guide during the process of hanging your letters. At this point, you can also make the necessary adjustment to your ribbon’s length and design.
  • Allocate a nail for each wooden letter on your wall. Trace back to the procedures on step 4 and make use of the measurements that you took note of to know the distance between the nails.
  • Lastly, hang each letter on its designated nail with each ribbon tied aesthetically or in the manner that you want it.

So what are you waiting for? You don’t need a high-priced interior decorator to make your home look attractive, beautiful and unique. With only a few bucks and maybe left over hardware materials and paint at home, you can decorate and personalize your rooms with these few basic steps. Try it!


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