How To Help Your Daughter Decorate Her Room

Give Her the Bedroom of Her Dreams

Girls of all ages want a room that makes them feel safe, secure, and special in their own private space, and a well-decorated room is something every girl wants. Kids require help when deciding on ways to decorate their room, and they also need assistance in completing the decorating scheme. If your daughter would like to decorate her room, consider the following steps, tips, and suggestions. With a little help and advice, you can give your daughter the room of her dreams

Step 1

Search Home Decor Magazines and the Internet for Ideas. Home decor magazines and the Internet are both great sources for decorating ideas. Spend time with your daughter thumbing through pages of design ideas, and search sites that offer home decorating products and tips. Take notes and make copies of layouts your daughter likes that you approve of before beginning to decorate. Kids are very creative, and they are fantastic sources for fresh ideas. While working together to decorate her room, you and your daughter will come up with many creative ideas she is sure to love.  

Step 2

Visit a Local Home Improvement Store. After coming up with a decorating plan, visit a local home improvement store that offers small paint samples that can be tried at home. Actual samples are far better than tiny paint chips. If you and your daughter agree to wallpaper, take home a few wallpaper samples. Take time to choose just the right colors and the room will be easy to accessorize. Best of all it will grow and change with your daughter.

Step 3

Try Samples in the Room. Once you and your daughter have agreed on a few paint or wallpaper samples, take them home and create sample boards. Paint or wallpaper heavy-duty poster boards, and place them next to flooring and furniture. View the options in various levels of lighting to get an idea of how the options will look at different times of the day. This will enable you and your daughter to choose the perfect patterns or color to decorate her room

Step 4

Paint or Paper the Walls. A child of any age can lend a hand when it comes time to paint or paper the walls. Include your daughter in painting or papering the walls of her room to give her a great sense of accomplishment and appreciation. Kids who are allowed to help decorate their room are more likely to take care of their room. They will also learn valuable lessons on creative ways to decorate a home, and they are never too young to help.

Step 5

Help Your Daughter Choose New Bedding. Kids know exactly what they want when it comes to bedding. Allow your daughter to have a say in the color and style of bedding for her room. In addition, work together to choose several throw pillows of various sizes and textures to decorate the bed and make it more comfy. Even plain bedding can be made to look more luxurious and comfy with the addition of numerous throw pillows that coordinate well with the room.

Step 6

Select New Throw Rugs. If flooring is looking a little worse for wear, invest in a few new throw rugs to help decorate the room. Choose plush throw rugs that will make the floor beneath her feet more comfortable than ever. Throw rugs are available in countless styles, colors, and price ranges, and this is an affordable way to give flooring a whole new look. Best of all, quality throw rugs are usually washable and will last for years.

Step 7

Assist Your Daughter in Choosing Wall Decor. Kids love to decorate their rooms with posters and works of art they have created. Help your daughter decorate her room with her favorite posters and works of art. Consider framing them instead of simply tacking them to walls. In addition, visit home decor websites and stores, and search for other works of wall art to add style and appeal to her room. The right selections will grow with your daughter and will be kept and cherished for a lifetime.

Step 8

Help Your Daughter Create a Focal Point. Every room should have a focal point, and a child’s room is no exception. Select a single work of wall art and a wall in which to create a focal point. Decorate around the focal point with smaller works of art or items that will highlight the focal point of the room. It could be something your daughter has designed, a wall mirror, or a store-bought work of art. In any case it will make a dramatic statement that will make her room feel like her very own haven for fun and relaxation.

Step 9

Update Lighting. If lighting in your daughter’s room could use some updating, decorate existing fixtures by changing the shades. Choose colorful replacement shades for ceiling fan lights or ceiling fixtures, and decorate ordinary lampshades using faux jewels, tiny ribbons, colorful glass beads, sequins, or anything else that will help decorate the room. Involve your daughter in every aspect decorating her room. Your daughter will end up with the room of her dreams and you will both gain the satisfaction that comes with working together as a team.

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