How To Hide an Unsightly Electrical Breaker Box

If you’ve always been bothered by the appearance of the gray electrical breaker box that simply breaks way from the rest of your home’s design, be encouraged by the fact that there are many smart solutions to deal with this decorative dilemma. Read on for some of the best tips you could try out for yourself:

  • Place a framed picture over it. This could be one of the easiest solutions you could do. Simply choose a nice framed picture that is big enough to completely cover the breaker box. Another good thing about this is that it’s quite easy to remove the picture once again every time you have to gain access to your breaker.
  • Paint over the box. If you are artistically-inclined, you could make the breaker box cover a painting in itself. You could actually also paint it the same shade as the rest of the wall, so it could be camouflaged. However, do make sure to leave a kind of distinguishing mark on the painting so that you would still tell where the breaker box is in case of an emergency.
  • Use a shadowbox. A shadowbox is a square or rectangular framed box with a glass front that is used to display items. You could hang this shadow box over the fuse box, and place items for display inside of it. The problem with regular shadowboxes, however, is that they can make the fuse box quite inaccessible. A great alternative are specially-designed shadowboxes that have a hinged door that could let you get to the fuse box behind it. Instead of putting in items for display however, you could just paste a nice picture on the front part of the shadow box.
  • Use plants. Another option is to place tall garden plants that could effectively cover the breaker box; this is especially effective if your breaker box is situated outdoors.  Some  of your best options are hollyhocks, dwarf spruce trees, and ornamental grasses and butterfly bushes, which give the added advantage of being very hardy and resilient even when they get trampled upon (in case electricians will need to get to your breaker box).
  • Use decorative magnets. Because the covers of electrical breaker boxes are made of steel, you could easily stick decorative magnets over it. You could effectively make this spot over your breaker box a showcase of your magnet collection.
  • Use a washboard. If your electrical breaker box is in your laundry room or your bathroom, you could hang a washboard over it. Washboards are now widely-used as decorative pieces and lend the feel of traditional, country-style ambiance to a room. What’s more is that it could be easily taken out in case you’d need to access your electrical breaker box.

There you have it! These are just some of the easy ways to hide your electrical breaker box from view. Again, it’s very important that you not only consider the decorative aspect of whatever you choose to put over your breaker box, but you should also consider ease of accessibility as well. Good luck!


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