How To Hire Lawn Care Services

A lusciously green lawn perfectly cut and level, with a flowing theme to it encompassing a large part of your property is always a sight that can leave people breathless. Unfortunately, growing and maintaining the lawn is a chore that you may not be able to handle on your own, most especially if the area of the lawn is huge. Can you really juggle the time between work and lawn care?  Some people can but most really can’t. If you are part of the most, then you may want to consider hiring a lawn care services provider or contractor. They can keep your lawn healthy and well-maintained for you so that you won’t have to worry anymore. Here are some of the things to look for when hiring a lawn care services provider.

  • The price. Most providers will charge a flat rate each month for their services. The rate will be based on the service package you will choose. They will provide occasional to frequent lawn care packages, the latter having a full range of maintenance services. Of course, the latter will be more expensive. If a provider charges you on a per hour basis, then consider not going with that provider since this will only increase your lawn maintenance budget, a waste, considering that there are service providers willing to do the work for less and at a flat rate.
  • The tools. Before going with a particular service provider, it will be a good idea to inspect and examine the tools they will use for your lawn, particularly the lawn mower. If they have a lawn mower that has a bag for the freshly cut grass, then you know that the service provider does not skimp on tools. However, if the service provider can provide a mulch mower, a mower that shreds the cut grass into tiny pieces and applies it on the lawn as organic mulch, then that would be a better option for you. Mulching your lawn with dead grass, which will decompose and be absorbed into the soil, will greatly increase the health and growing capability of your lawn.
  • The techniques. Basically, when you are interviewing and evaluating a prospective provider, always make sure to ask them about the maintenance techniques they employ. For instance, mowing the lawn, go with a provider that knows how to cut grass, it should always be on the high side to ensure that your grass maintains its resilience and strength. Other things to ask about is soil testing prior to liming, fertilizing (should be done only 2 times a year and should only use organic fertilizer), and the treatment of pests and insects.
  • The credentials. Whenever you are interviewing a potential provider, make sure to ask them to show you their credentials, namely the business license, the contractor’s license, and contractor’s insurance. If they cannot show you these, then you should not consider hiring them at all. If they do, then proceed with the evaluation starting with asking about their experiences in lawn care. Make sure to request a list of customer references for you to check out.

In the end, choose a provider that has passed your scrutiny. This should include passing background checks through previous customer surveys and a quick look at the Better Business Bureau. Having done all that and the provider passes with flying colors then you can now work on the service agreement and start having your lawn cared for.


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