How To Identify a Silver Flatware Pattern

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Silver flatware or cutlery refers to genuine silver items used for eating serving food particularly in the United States and European countries.  Also known as silverware, these table necessities are known for their precious metal composition and elegant grandeur.  There are various patterns and styles that have been created since the turn of the 15th century, when the Renaissance period and cultural rebirth began.  Royal families and wealthy individuals mainly used them because they were the only ones that can afford such refined tableware.  Kings and queens of different empires have their own nobility silver flatware patterns that were delicately designed.  As the age of technology arrived, many lesser products have been made, forcing the elegant style of silverware designs in the back seat.  Fortunately, there are ways that you can do to successfully identify a silver flatware pattern.  Read on to learn more.

  • The antique style.  It is very important that before you even start identifying the pattern on your silverware, it would be very helpful if you have an idea of the age of your cutlery.  If what you have is antique tableware, then you might want to check out various kinds of antique patterns for an easier determination.  You can click on silverware antique pattern site if you want to see a lot of genuine antique silverware displays.  This way, distinguishing your silver flatware pattern will be less difficult.
  • Photograph it and compare!  One way that you can do is to take a picture of your silver flatware pattern and start comparing it to various online sites that shows bona fide silverware designs.  You can check the Silver Queen site for a set of pattern guides. 
  • Research for online silverware companies.  Go online and visit sites like Online Sterling, Antique Cupboard and Silver Collect to get more information about various silverware patterns!  You will be surprised on the amount of relevant data that can fully help you identify your silver flatware pattern!
  • Bring it and have it checked.  If you have the time to go out, why don't you just bring your silverware with you and have it checked by a certified professional.  This way, you will immediately know right then and there the kind of silver flatware pattern that you have.

These are the things that you need to do to ensure that you are getting a bona fide silver flatware pattern.  The best part is you do not even need to be a professional to apply all these steps!  However, if you still have troubles identifying your silverware pattern, you easily contact any flatware company and have them customize your own preferred style.  This choice can be quite expensive so make sure that you have enough budget to suit all your needs.  Just carefully read these very important tips to effectively identify the best pattern of all ages.  Now what are you waiting for?  Open your eyes and cruise your way to elegantly designed silverwares!  Good luck and have fun!



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