How To Identify Dual Voltage Appliances

When you buy electronics, of course you would want to know if the thing that you bought is dual voltage or not. A dual voltage appliance can be used without a power converter since you can plug it anywhere. This is the benefit of having an appliance with dual voltage. If your appliance does not have dual voltage, you still have to purchase a power converter. If you do not have a power converter and you plugged it in a different voltage plug, your appliance will be broken due to the incompatibility of the voltage. This is the reason why you should know if your appliance is dual voltage or not.

Here are some ways to identify dual voltage appliances:

  • You can check the appliance's plug to see if there are any details about the voltage of the plug. Usually it is written in the plug. If it is not, you can check the box of the appliance or the user's manual. Either if those two usually has the information of the voltage.
  • A dual voltage appliance has the voltage information saying that it can be plugged on a 110v up to 240v. If this is the information found in your appliance plug or in the user's manual, then you do not need to buy a power converter. Most of the power plugs are 240v except when it is especially made to plug in 110v. This is the reason why you need to buy a power converter if your plug is only 110v.
  • If your appliance or gadget has a 110v plug, it is best to buy a power converter to be safe. A power socket with a 110v plug is not that easy to find, so it would be safer to have a power converter with you at all times especially if you are using it somewhere else aside from your own home such as the laptop or other gadgets that needs to be plugged in. if you accidentally plugged in a 110v gadget to a 240v plug, the gadget will be broken, sometimes even explode since it can not handle the higher voltage of the 240v plug.
  • If you plan to go out of the country and bring appliances or gadgets with you, it is better to ask someone or research about the country's usual power socket. There are different plugs and sockets in every country and it is better to be ready so that you will not have a hard time looking for an adaptor once you get to that particular country.
  • Be careful when you are plugging the appliance. Make sure that your appliance or gadget and the plug are not defective so that you will not be accidentally electrocuted. 240v electricity is enough to hurt you if you are not careful enough. If you are buying a new item, double check to see that the plug and the wires are not defective.

Whenever you are dealing with electricity and the like, you have to be careful and double check everything. This especially includes the voltage of the appliance since it is very important to know if it is dual voltage or not to avoid accidents.



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