How To Identify Victorian Furniture

Having furniture that is of astonishing and remarkable beauty and art is really one thing you would be proud of. When you decorate and furnish your homes, you would want furniture and things that would add to the beauty of your house. One of the most astounding kinds of furniture is Victorian-inspired furniture.

Inspired by an era of eclectic beauty and of rich history, Victorian furniture is one of the must-haves in your houses. Production of Victorian furniture started in the middle of the eighteenth century, otherwise known as the Victorian era. The Victorian era was known for its one-of-a-kind and grandiose construal of historic styles and of cross-cultural influx of Asian and the Middle Eastern styles in furniture and decoration. The Victorian era was named after the English queen that time, Queen Victoria. She reigned from 1837 until 1901.

The Victorian era was not just focused on its furniture. People from the Victorian era also were interested in interior designs and decorations, wallpapers, and fashion. Opulence and lavishness rule in Victorian furniture. There are styles or patterns which are specific, unique, and distinct to Victorian furniture and design. Here are some guiding points for you to identify Victorian furniture:

  • Curves. Curves are essential and common to Victorian furniture. As you might notice, elliptical shapes are fundamental features in Victorian furniture. Victorian furniture like tables, chair backs, and seats are usually oval in shape and form.
  • Decoration. You should also need to pay attention to the decorations. Machine carving was already present that time, so furniture from that era has intricate and detailed carvings. Such intricate carvings make the furniture more attractive. Carvings during the Victorian era are commonly of floral designs.
  • Wood. You also have to examine the wood from which the furniture is made of. The commonly used wood were from rosewood, walnut, and mahogany. So, as you can see, Victorian furniture is sturdy and strong. These types of wood have been known to withstand time, especially if properly cared for.
  • Dark finishes. To identify Victorian furniture, you should rummage around for dark finishes. In Victorian furniture, finished wood is in deep, dark shades of color. For a touch of country style, reproductions of this furniture are made from lightly-colored woods. So, you need to scrutinize the finish to identify Victorian from contemporary reproductions.
  • Marble. Most of the Victorian-inspired furniture like tables has marble tops which are heavy and are in earth and warm colors. So you need to see if the furniture includes marble. Be careful, though, as marble is still commonly used for modern furniture.
  • Upholstery. Victorian furniture upholstery was luxurious. What was also common that time was horsehair stuffing. Fabrics which are used for Victorian furniture have clear and conspicuous patterns and strong hues. Detailed and intricate trimmings and edges were also used to embroider the upholstery.

Not all people are interested in high technology furniture. People still like to own Victorian furniture to create a different aura in their own houses. Victorian furniture gives class and glamour to your houses that’s why people still love to buy these pieces of art.


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