How To Improve the Look of Red Bricks

Red bricks look good by themselves, but there are several ways to make them look better.  When doing the following methods that involve chemicals, wear protective attire such as gloves, a mask, and clothes that adequately cover your skin.  Cover the surrounding non-brick areas with tape or newspapers.  Read the instructions on the products that you’ll be using.

  • Clean the bricks.  Bricks accumulate grime and mold over the years.  Wash these away with water and a good cleanser.    Hose the bricks to wash the dirt.  If the dirt is stuck, use pressurized water but take care not to overdo it to avoid ruining the bricks.  Read the instructions written on the cleanser and follow them closely when cleaning the bricks.
  • Paint.  Paint the bricks red or another color you like.  You may paint them different colors, or blend colors within each individual brick.  To paint the bricks, they must be cleaned first.  Remove old paint if it’s peeling off.  To remove old paint, use a paint removal solution.  This is used by applying the solution over the bricks, placing old cloth over them, and peeling the cloth off.  When the bricks are ready to be painted, apply the primer, which is a dark-colored paint.  Then, apply a coat or two of the desired paint color.
  • Whitewash.  Whitewash is similar to paint but is more durable.  It is composed of lime, chalk and salt.  Buy whitewash in hardware stores, or make your own whitewash by combining five parts lime with one part salt.  Apply the mixture to the bricks until it dries.
  • Use glaze.  Those who don’t want to paint or whitewash the bricks may choose to glaze them.  A glaze gives a shimmer of color to the bricks.  Buy them in hardware stores and apply them to the bricks. Painted bricks look more polished with glaze as well.
  • Replace bricks.  Some bricks may be dislodged or missing.  Use replacement bricks to improve the appearance of a brick wall.  Apply mortar to the bottom layer and the sides of a brick, and press it into place.
  • Repair damaged bricks.  Cover damages in bricks using mortar.  Apply an adequate amount of mortar to a damaged brick using a trowel to cover up cracks and holes.  You may chip off the old damaged layer of bricks before applying the mortar for a more even look.
  • Coordinate colors.  Red brick looks good with gray or other neutral colors.  When painting or decorating, consider the effect of the red brick color with other colors around it.
  • Make it look more antique.  Slightly cracking the bricks or painting it with an antique-looking color and glaze does the trick.  Make sure to clean the bricks though; being antique doesn’t mean there have to be dust and cobwebs all over the bricks.
  • Use coordinating furniture and accessories.  Make red bricks look more attractive with the use of furniture and accessories that match.  Experiment with different types of furniture and drapes and see what looks best with the red bricks.

Improving the look of red bricks means improving the bricks’ condition and making the bricks blend well with the surrounding objects.  Maintain the bricks by regularly cleaning them, so that you won’t have to improve the look frequently.      


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