How To Incorporate Bathroom Design

Comfort Plus Style Equals Fashionable Bathroom Design

When it's time to remodel a bathroom or design plans for a new bathroom, the first step is to focus on the overall style of the interior and exterior of the home.  If contemporary style is predominant throughout the house, planning and designing a bathroom in a more modern decor coordinates well.  The accent in today's interior designi is less on formality of coordination and more on comfort and eye appeal.  This leaves a much larger margin for bathroom design.

The First Step - Choosing Color Scheme

The first step in designing bathroom decor begins with colors.  That includes all fixtures, rugs, curtains and even towels and bath mats.  Incorporating texture in a bathroom adds a touch of elegance.  Choose light fixtures in burnished copper or gleaming chrome.  The size of the room has much to do with the color scheme.  Smaller bathrooms should incorporate bathroom design that's light and airy.  Even smaller bathrooms can be designed so that the size appears larger.

The Next Step to Incorporate Bathroom Design

Once the color scheme is settled, to adequately incorporate bathroom design, choose sinks, tubs, bidettes, shower stalls and toilets proportionate to the size of the room.  Try balancing the shower/tub area of the room with an even mix of other essential fixtures on the opposite side of a room.  In other words, balance room focus so that the shower/tub area doesn't dominate the look of the entire room.  This can also be accomplished by choosing more dramatic window curtains that contrast with the shower curtain.  Bathroom walls and floor can be finished in varying types of coverings.  When choosing ceramic tile, keep maintenance in mind.  The bathroom is the most often occupied room in the house.  Wall and floor tiles should be sturdy, yet attractive for the best design implementation.  Create a design pattern for wall coverings and tile.  By using design patterns, bathroom decor is relieved from color monotony.  The patterns can be dramatic or complimentary to other colors in the room.

The Finishing Touches

In planning to incorporate bathroom design, this includes subtle touches like adding live plants atop a small corner storage cabinet.  Choose live plants that thrive best in a room where shower and bathtub steam will encourage blooms.  Don't forget to use that empty space atop the medicine cabinet.  Add small pots of brightly colored flowers.  For the top of the toilet tank, create a pretty candle arrangement for a romantic look.


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