How To Install a Bifold Hanger Door

A bifold door is ideal for houses or areas that need closure but have very little space. People can also use the bifold hanger door design if they don't want to use the conventional door. The bifold door is mostly ideal for closets but they can also be used for different areas of the house. It is fairly easy to install a bifold hanger door if you have all the necessary materials.

Here are the steps in installing a bifold hanger door for your house:

  1. Get measurements. Measure the dimensions of the opening where you will place your door. Be sure to write them on a piece of paper so you wouldn't forget the things that you need. You may also want to write down all the necessary materials that you have to buy. There are bifold hanger door kits that are available in the hardware stores. You also need a screwdriver, a saw and a drill.
  2. Purchase the materials. Buy the parts of the door at your local hardware store. If you don't know what to get, ask someone from the shop what you need to install a bifold door. When purchasing the boards for the door, divide the dimensions of the opening by 2 and get several pieces of boards in that size. Choose doors that are not pre-drilled so that you can use them for your bi-fold door.
  3. Paint the doors. Before adding the hinges, paint the door in the color that you want. Let the paint fully dry before doing anything else. After starting, place the doors depending on how you want to install them. Use a pencil to mark the panels, and label which sides face in and out.
  4. Install the hinges. Measure 10 inches on the top and bottom of the boards from the edge. Mark the spot where you will install the hinge. Measure the midsection of the two markings and mark it. You will install the hinges on these spots. Use a drill to put holes on the markings and attach the hinges securely.
  5. Install the pins and plates. Next, you have to install the pivot plates and other pins that will make your door swivel smoothly. Make sure that you are installing them in the correct side. To make sure that what you are doing is correct, check the manual that comes with the kit.
  6. Install the tracks and brackets - Attach the tracks of the door to the frame of the area you want enclosed. You must first cut the tracks to fit into the frame. Leave a space of 1 inch from the edge of the frame to give space to the door. Next, you have to install the floor bracket. Screw the bracket in place.
  7. Install the doors. Once everything is in the right place, you can install the doors. The door panels are pretty easy to install once everything is in the right place. Just attach the pins that are on the doors to the pivot that you installed on the frame earlier. Make sure to try and test the doors to see if they are working correctly.
  8. Install knobs or pullers. Attach knobs or pullers on your door. This will act as the opener or door handle. Check to see if the door boards are in place, and make sure that the boards seal tightly with each other when closed. You can also choose to attach knobs against the inside of the door that will act as doorknob hangers.

These are the steps in installing your own bifold hanger door for your house.


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