How To Install a Cedar Closet

A closet is an enclosed space generally used as storage for clothes and other personal belongings. Closets can be installed on walls, or they can be built as a free standing wardrobe.

There are several types of closets, depending on the use. There are broom closets, coat, linen, or utility closets. Other types include walk-in closets that are huge enough for you to enter, or wall closets that are typically used to hang clothes.

The presence of a closet in a house or apartment is a universal need, therefore making it as one of the house’s assets. A closet is generally built from wood that come from good trees, but modernization introduced the incorporation of shingles and added a decking material to come up with high quality closets. Closets can be made from a variety of material, but one of the most favorite, unique and ancient is the use of aromatic cedar lumber. 

Choosing a cedar material over other materials in building a closet is perfectly fine because it can give due care to your clothing investment. It’s strong and has a nice aroma that will shake the moths and other fabric pests away, keeping your clothing safe and clean.

Here are the easy steps on cedar closet installation:

  1. You will need: 2x4 cedar frames, 5/8 inches plywood, base molding, ¼ inch thick cedar panels, 4x8 ft, 1 ¼ inch finishing nails, panel adhesives, weather stripping pieces, cedar panel remnants, clothes rods, plywood or hollow core doors with magnetic latches and paint for the exterior plywood.
  2. You may start working with your closet by nailing the 2x4 frames to the dimensions.
  3. Nail the 5/8 inch plywood on the frame’s exterior. You may begin on the floor area, next on its sides, back, and finally on the ceiling. Finish the closet’s exterior with a base molding.
  4. Line the closet interior by using cedar panels. Cedar panels are butted into the frame with the use of 1 ¼ inch finishing nails or a panel adhesive to ensure strong support.
  5. You may add weather stripping around the closet doors to ensure a nearly airtight enclosure to trap the scent inside the closet. This will preserve the cedar closet’s primary purpose of repelling moths.
  6. Install the shelves out of cedar panel remnants and install the clothing rods to finish the closet’s interior.
  7. Install the plywood door or a hollow core door with magnetic latches, and then line up the door with cedar panels.
  8. Paint the exterior part of the closet. Leave the interior natural to retain the cedar aroma for moth’s repellant and fencing purpose.

Owning a cedar closet is like a trip down memory lane. Its unique scent and protective qualities make it worthy to have over other closet materials. Follow the step-by-step directions above to install a luxurious cedar closet.


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