How To Install a Garden Birdbath

A birdbath is a great way to accentuate a plain yard or garden. It adds a sophisticated look to the open space. It brings back to mind images of the medieval periods of colossal houses with manicured lawns bedecked with stylish bird baths.

Today, many are still interested in installing birdbaths, not just for decorative purposes but also to promote a bird friendly environment. If you are considering installing a birthbath, don’t be daunted. It’s a relatively simple task. You will just have to make considerations on a couple of things to ensure that the birdbath will serve its purpose and not devoid of birds later on. Most of all strictly follow the instructions that come with your birdbath.

How high or low should it be? If you own pets, like cats and dogs, make the base higher. 4-5 feet will be okay. If you have a large dog, try to increase the height of the base. This will prevent your pets from attacking the winged creatures while they are drinking or bathing.

Location is another important thing. A birdbath in a shady part of the yard may not draw that much attention from our absolutely choosy winged pals. They want to bathe where there is a lot of sunshine. At the same time try to locate the birdbath somewhere where a shrub is not too far away. The birds may prefer to perch after their bath and the shrubs will be a perfect place for them. A good measure is around 10 feet away from the shrubs of the shelter. As for other considerations, you may want to choose a spot that has less activity and distraction. Wild birds are likely to pass up on your birdbath if that’s the case.

Now what about the circumference? Well, if you want more birds to be able to drink or bathe in it, you may want to get one that has around 20-25 inches in diameter. If you will opt one that is big, due to the number of birds that could use it, the sooner it gets dirty. Thus, make sure you often change the water to prevent foul odor and maintain cleanliness. Doing so will continue to attract birds.

For the measure of how deep or shallow the water should be, make sure that it does not go beyond 2 inches in the center. Otherwise, the smaller birds might drown. In line with this, try to feel the surface of the bird bath. Make sure that it is not slippery to give birds a good footing.

Another way of attracting birds is to use a garden bird bath that has a fountain. There is nothing more that could draw attention to birds than the sound of running water. If you live in a place with cold weather conditions, purchase one that’s heated. Note though that it could be a pricey. As such, you can get the solar powered heated kind.


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