How To Install a Gas Pool Heater

Having your own swimming pool has many perks. You can use it to do laps or to have fun with your friends and family. However, the water in the pool can be extremely cold especially during the cold season. One solution to this is to install a gas pool heater. The heater helps increases the temperature of the water so that you can swim even during the cold weather. Read and follow the instructions provided below to know how you can install a gas pool heater in your swimming pool.

Follow these instructions to know how to install a gas pool heater in your pool:

  • Materials you need. The materials you need to install a gas pool heater are a spray bottle, saw, plumbing compound, PVC pipes, measuring tape, soapy water and the gas pool heater. Gas pool heaters have different sizes. Determine the measurement of your pool to know which gas heater you should purchase. You can purchase a gas pool heater from the website
  • Choose a location. Survey your pool area and choose the best location to put the gas heater. It is best to place the gas pool heater just a few feet away from the pool’s filter. You can read the manual that came with the gas heater to know more about choosing a location.
  • Cut and install PVC pipes. Make sure that the gas pool filter is turned off before the installation process. Use the measuring tape to determine the length of PVC pipe from the return valve of your pool’s filter up to the inlet valve on the gas pool filter. Cut the PVC pipe in that length and connect it there. The PVC pipe is the mechanism that will run the water to the gas heater. The next step is to measuring the length from the outlet valve found on the heater to the inlet on your pool. Cut another PVC pipe in that length and attach it there. Use the plumbing compound to seal the joints. This pipe is responsible for transferring warm water to your pool.
  • Connect the gas. For this step, it is best to consult an electrician for safety purposes. Have them secure the gas line for your gas pool heater. Make sure to add a protective covering for the outlet to prevent it from getting wet.
  • Test the gas heater. Now that everything is installed, test the gas water heater. Turn on the heater. Wait for a few minutes and check if the temperature of the water will rise. You can adjust the thermostat on the gas pool heater to control the temperature.

These are the steps you can follow if you want to install a gas pool heater in your pool. It is best to place a fence around the gas pool heater as a safety precaution. The gas pool heater can be really hot while operating. Also, do not forget to turn off the heater when it is not in use to avoid any accidents from happening.


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