How To Install a Hammered Copper Sink

Did you know that copper was one of the original materials used in making bathroom sinks?  Hammered copper sinks lend a certain charm to a bathroom or kitchen that steel and stone cannot provide.

Hammered copper sinks are like works of art. They are uniquely made by skilled artisans using a single sheet of copper plate. The hammered metal is heated in a wood fire to produce the desired shape. The “patina” is applied to the sink; this gives it the trademark color making the sink look like a hammered antique. There are different styles of copper sinks in the market. You can find hammered pewter copper sinks with a satin finish, brushed copper sinks and copper polished sinks. Copper sinks come mostly in bowl shapes. There are bucket shaped sinks and even square or rectangular ones. You can also order a customized hammered copper sink to suite your style.

Normally, installation of hammered copper sinks is done by plumbers. If you know your plumbing, then you can install your copper sink. Copper sinks can be installed as vessel sinks which can be above the counter or recessed (only half of the sink is above the counter). You can also install it as an under mount sink; the sink’s body disappears into the counter cabinet.

Installing a vessel type sink

  1. Prepare the counter top for the vessel sink. Cut out a hole on the counter for the drain.
  2. Install the faucets.
  3. Apply a silicone adhesive to the area of the sink that will be in contact with the countertop.
  4. Position the copper sink’s drain hole over the countertop drain opening. Set the sink down gently over the hole. Adjust accordingly.
  5. Clean up any excess adhesive.
  6. Install the drain and drain pipes.

Installing an under mount sink

  1. Cut out an opening on the kitchen counter. If it is a self-rimming sink, use a template of the contours of the sink that is 1” smaller in diameter. This will result in a sink hole that has a ledge where the self-rimming sink can rest on. Otherwise, center the rim on the counter. Trace around its’ central partition that will hang between the counter and the copper sink.
  2. Install the faucets.
  3. Apply a heavy bead of sealer like clear silicone caulk under the rim of the copper sink.
  4. Place the sink in the hole and clean up the excess caulk with water. Attach the sink with galvanized screws if necessary.
  5. Install the drain and drain pipes.

After installing the copper sink, basic cleaning is done by using mild soap and water. There is no need to use copper cleaners or abrasives. Make sure to keep the basin clean and dry after each use. Over time, the finish will develop with age giving the hammered copper sink its unique look.

Consider installing a wonderful work of art in your bathroom or kitchen. It will definitely set your home apart. You can have a floral petal shaped copper sink or a deep cazo vessel sink with handles. Hammered copper sinks are not common. Having one will surely make your bathroom or kitchen stand out. Who knows, you may just start a trend with your family and friends.


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