How To Install a Hanging Birdbath

If you’re residing in a multiple dwelling unit like a condominium or apartment where you have limited space, and you are interested in setting up a birdbath, worry no more. The answer to your predicament is a hanging birdbath. While a garden birdbath may be ostentatious and out of place in a limited yard space, a hanging birdbath will look good with homes with smaller areas. This could also save you a lot of energy in cleaning up when the chilly winter time comes in, and staying indoors is very much tempting and preferable than going outside to clean up the birdbath. At the same time, if you hang them by your backyard or your deck, you will have the chance to closely gaze at these colorful songbirds.

Like with other types of birdbaths, a hanging bird bath also comes in different forms, sizes, styles and material – ceramic, resin, copper, to name just a few. Now, for purposes of functionality purchase one that has an optional stand. Should you transfer to a home that has a bigger yard later on, then you can transform it into a pedestal birdbath.

Another advantage of mounting up a hanging birdbath is the way it perks up the look of a dreary porch or patio. If your patio is painted with a light color or shade, look for a hanging birdbath that has a darker shade. The color contrast will provide the patio or porch a better look and a homey feel. Now, speaking of choosing dark colored hanging birdbaths, note that these chirpy creatures are more likely to come back and bathe in your birdbath if its dark colored. They happen to be vain too! Studies show that they do like seeing their reflection. If they cannot see their reflection they are not likely to use that birdbath.

Some birds would prefer bathing in a typical pedestal birdbath. Nonetheless, the water will also draw attention from the birds. They may later on prefer your hanging birdbath as the elevation will make them feel a lot safer compared to bathing in a garden bath.

All you need to do is to hang them to a hook that is securely hitched to a deck rail. Make sure that the hook is sturdy to ensure safety of the birds. Same consideration applies for the rope in case you’ll be using a rope for a makeshift hanging birdbath. On the other hand, majority of the ones sold in the market comes with chain to attach it to for hanging. Do not make it too high, as this could be difficult for you to clean up or change the water later on. Add to that the fact that it could be a cause for accidents. At the same time, don’t hang it too low that pets and kids and attack and grab the birds.

Have fun in installing you hanging bird bath then!



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