How To Install a Lockset

The process of installing a Lockset varies based on the materials you are presented with, if you have a door and door frame already prepared to accept the Lockset, your job will be much easier. Since this is not always the case, we will begin our instructions with an unprepared door.

  1. Measure the other doors in your house to determine the height you want to install your lockset at.
  2. Mark this height on the door.
  3. To make the process easier, stabilize the door by putting doorstops on either side of the door.
  4. Using the template provided with your lockset, mark the center of the hole where you will install the new lockset, mark the side of the door as well, as indicated on the lockset template.
  5. With a hole-saw, cut the hole for the lockset. Make sure to line up the pilot bit with the center mark you made from the lockset template in step 4.
  6. Drill the side of the door, using the second lockset template mark as a guide.
  7. Place the latch into this second hole, and mark the outside edges. Use a chisel to remove the excess wood, slightly deeper than the depth of the latch plate.
  8. Put the latch plate in place a second time, and mark the position of the screws. Drill the holes for the screws.
  9. Insert the latch plate of the lockset a final time, installing by screwing into place, ensuring that the angled side is facing the doorway.
  10. Begin with the lockset knob that has a piece extending from it. Insert it through the hole in the door, and into the latch mechanism, making sure that the keyhole is on the correct side of the door. Install the other side of the lockset, twisting if needed.
  11. Line up the holes, and screw the final lockset screws in place.
  12. Close the door. To prepare the doorway, use the mark made in step 2 to determine the height of the lockset, and make a mark at the same height on the doorframe.
  13. Open the door. Using a drill, make a hole above and below, overlapping at the height mark.
  14. Close the door, testing the size of the hole. Make the hole larger as needed.
  15. Put the strikeplate in place, and follow steps 7-9 for the strikeplate, with the angled edge facing the door.


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