How To Install a Panel Fence

Are you looking for more home privacy but really don’t want to do a lot of manual labor constructing and putting up a fence?  If so, then you really can’t go wrong with panel fences. There are many types of panel fences to choose from, wood and metal are just two of them. For the sake of instruction, you will use a lapped type fence which is easy to install and provides a nice appearance to the fence, a weave similar to a basket.

For this project, you will need a couple bags of gravel and cement as well as the pre-fabricated fence assembly consisting of the posts and the panels. In addition, you will need struts to support the posts and brackets to secure the panels and posts together. Finally, you will need a friend to help you out.

If you have everything prepared, start the installation process.

  • Start digging. The first step in the process will involve some labor that may leave you back aching soon enough. You will be digging the holes for the posts. Measure the panel to determine the spacing between each post. Once you have the distance, start digging the holes. Dig all the holes first before inserting the posts in the hole. Once that is done, you can start installing one post and panel at a time.
  • Work on the first hole. Decide on the first hole to work on and insert the post through the hole. To stabilize the posts, fill the hole with gravel. You will be cementing this later on so filling the hole gaps with soil will not do. Use only gravel. Once the post is standing straight, notice that it is still movable. You will want it standing straight and stabilized a little bit more. That said install a strut near the post and nail it in place onto the post. This will keep the post stabilized even more until you are able to install the panels and add concrete to the foundation.
  • Attaching the panel on the first post. Here is where you will definitely need a friend to help you out. Ask someone to hold the panel in place and onto the post. While he is keeping the panel lined up, start fastening its end to the post by way of the angled brackets. The interval on the bracket should be at 24 inches.
  • Complete the rest of the posts and panels. Repeat the same process with the next post. Insert it into the ground, fill with gravel, install the strut support, and fasten the panel. Keep repeating the process until you complete the entire fence. Your fence is now standing nice and straight. However, the foundation is still unstable. It is now time to cement it.
  • Start concreting. As mentioned previously, to finalize your fence in place, you will need to add concrete around the base of your posts. Mix the concrete or cement and pour it over the hole, on top of the gravel. Keep at it until you complete all the posts. Allow the cement to dry and you will have a nice, strong fence.

The finishing touch for this project will be to install the capping strips on the top part of the panels and to fasten the caps on top of the posts. Once those are done, marvel at your masterpiece and enjoy your home with a higher level of privacy.


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