How To Install a Pre-Formed Pond

A pre-formed pond is a great addition to any garden, as you are free to decorate it as you want. In addition, it doesn’t really cost much.

If you don’t want to hire a professional and you wish to install it yourself, here are the steps to do so.

  • Choose a location. Pick the best location for your pre-formed pond. Estimate the size it should take in your garden. There are different shapes and sizes available for pre-formed ponds, so you can freely experiment on it. Identify the length, width and depth of the unit you wish to install. Keep it away from large trees so you don’t have to worry about tree roots puncturing the liner of your pond. If you plan to add a pump, you’ll need a close source of electricity.
  • Buy the pre-formed pond. You can buy your pre-formed pond online or through a local retailer. If you found the inspiration from a neighbor’s pond, you can ask them where they bought it so you can probably get referrals for price deals. Though you can buy a pre-formed pond at a yard sale, a new one may have everything you need for easier installation like pump, tubing or a fountainhead to go with the pond. You can also identify the material to be used as a liner for your pre-formed pond. You can opt for a greenseal liner, butyl liner and firestone liner, among others. The benefits of each liner are based on its weather tolerance, damage resistance, and puncture resistance.
  • Position the pre-formed pond. Place the unit in its intended location and mark out its shape on the ground. Dig out the soil with the same depth as the unit, but with a slightly larger hole than the shape you marked out, about five inches larger. Make sure that the hole is level around the perimeter by using a spirit level.
  • Add a layer to the bottom. Place the pre-formed pond in the excavation you made for it and mark out its bottom. Remove it and add a one inch spread of sand on the base and marginal shelf area. This is to ensure that the base is firm and there is solid support for the unit. Afterward, replace the pre-formed pond in the excavation.
  • Add water. As you fill the pond with water, add sand into the remaining gaps between the pond and the soil. The level of the water filling the pool must match the backfill being done. This is to prevent any distortion in the shape of the pool as the pressure of the sand pushing in contradicts the pressure from the water pushing out. Ensure that the edges have soil support and the level of the water is about two inches short of the edges to keep the liner from sunlight degradation.

After installing your pre-formed pond, design it whichever way you want. You can add flowering shrubs, fishes, fountains, or put a brick layer around it. Enjoy your pond as you design it according to your liking.


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