How To Install a Rubber Mat in the Shower

You might say that one of the worst things that can happen to you is stepping out of the hot shower and afterwards standing on the very cold bathroom floor. Although you can tolerate the cold surface piercing beneath our feet, we still end up leaving water on the floor until you realize it is already like a puddle. For some, this is not a serious problem. Are you going to wait for one of the senior citizens in your house or your little boy to slip on the bathroom floor before you finally realize that it is actually a problem that you should deal with as soon as possible? So you see? It is a very dangerous thing. Mopping the floor every time it gets wet is not a feasible and practical solution. This is where rubber mats enter the show.

Placing a shower mat on the floor outside your shower will make you feel comfortable. After all you don’t need to stand on cold tiles after a hot bath anymore. One good thing about this mat is that you will not feel cold even though the flooring where you place the rubber mat is actually cold. This is because the mat will soak up the water you carry on your bare feet. But rubber mat options vary considerably in style and function. So, before you install one in your bathroom make sure that you buy the right one.

  1. Quick drying. A good shower mat will not just soak up the water, but it should be a quick drying mat too so that the next person in your house can use it. Bamboo mats are one of the examples of quick drying mats; they can dry out within an average time of 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Absorbent. This is the primary and main purpose of putting down a mat. Most mats are able to fulfill and meet this criterion sufficiently. 
  3. Fungus resistant. You should take note of this criterion, because it affects user health.  Rubber mats are considered the most resistant to fungus.
  4. Easy on the wallet. Undeniably, rubber mats are also the cheapest, plus you can also use them as garage mats, safety mats or rubber mats in your kitchen.

Now, that you have chosen a rubber mat for your shower room, it's time to install that rubber mat. Rubber matting can come in tile form or roll form. But speaking frankly, roll form is much easier to install. So, how will you install a rubber mat?

Step 1. Measure the floor of your shower room, and don’t forget to buy a rubber mat that fits your measurement.

Step 2. Unroll the rubber mat on the floor for 24 hours before finally installing it.

Step 3. Put a double-sided tape on the edges of the rubber flooring mat.

Step 4. Turn the roll so that you’ll be sure that the mats are properly in line. Trim and neatly cut the mats with your knife.

Step 5. Sweep and clean the area where you will place the rubber mat. Remove the double-sided tape and lay out the mats.

Installing a rubber mat is as simple as ABC. You will not just avoid the dangers of slippery flooring, but you will also enjoy the benefits and comfort that rubber mats offer.


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