How To Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Typically, standing seam metal roofing is not necessary in most homes, having been developed solely for extreme conditions—industrial places like New England for one require this kind of roofing as other types normally cannot survive for long under such conditions, at least not without lengthy and routine maintenance. Still, the fact that it can handle these conditions means that despite it not being necessary, it is still incredibly convenient to have. Many roofing developers adapted to the people’s change in tastes by making the standing seam metal roof available in a wide range of colors, as more and more seem to be using it as their roofing of choice—as it requires virtually no maintenance, is very fire resistant, and it normally lasts as long as the structure it shelters.

This article will help you in the installation of this type of roofing, as it is not too difficult, in an easy to follow step-by-step guide. It may be a little more expensive than standard roofing, but the benefits are well worth it when you compare the standing seam metal roof to other types of roofing. It is most definitely a wise choice for anyone who is willing to go through the effort of applying this type of roofing—or perhaps paying a professional to do so, but it is not necessary, as installing this roof is very easy, so long as you are careful and watch what you are doing.

The materials you will need before following this guide will be: some roofing paper, construction gloves, a ladder, metal roofing fasteners, your everyday tools, a metal crimping tool and perhaps the exterior paint of your choice.

  • Apply roofing paper. First, climb up to your roof by using your ladder, making sure to be careful and not slip while doing so. When you are comfortable, apply roofing paper over the roof. Secure the ridge cap over the roof’s peak, using the instructions that come with purchasing the metal roof panels as an extra guide to do so.
  • Lay the metal roofing panels. Next, you should lay each panel (lengthwise), and secure them into the roof’s ridge vent. If you are having trouble doing so, make use of fasteners to attach the panel to the sheathing underneath. Use the panel to cover the fasteners you placed.
  • Crimp the panels together. Now, it is time to use your crimping tool. You can use this to crimp the raised edges of the panel together—giving the seam a raised appearance as well as making it completely watertight.
  • Paint the metal roof. Finally, paint your finished standing metal seam roof with the necessary materials. This is not entirely necessary, but a layer of paint gives your roof extra protection, aside from the aesthetic value of having a proper looking house.

Having read and followed all of the instructions above, you should now have a fully watertight, maintenance free and fire resistant kind of roofing that is sure to last a very, very long time. You have made the right choice in choosing the standing seam metal panels as your roofing—it will definitely not let you down.


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