How To Install a Tin Roof

Photo of old tin roof

Global warming is a very alarming matter today. Countries are racing to lower emissions and improve the efficiency of power usage. It can prove to be really hazardous if the world does nothing immediate to prevent the impact of global warming from worsening. Countries are trying to contribute by passing laws for cleaner fuels, more efficient power plants, and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.
One of the convenient ways you can contribute to the green revolution is by installing tin roofing at your home. Aside from its cheaper cost compared to other metals, tin is also environment-friendly, so you are assured that it does not harm nature. Here are a few tips you can follow in installing a tin roof at home.

Prepare the tin material: Before installing the tin roof, make sure that you have checked its gauge, quality and other features. The bigger the gauge, the more durable the roof will be. Measure the key parts and double-check if it corresponds with the size of your roof.

Clean the roof where you will install the tin material: You also need to check if the roof surface is already neat and devoid of any material which can hinder or prolong your installation of the tin roof. Watch out for roofing nails and other debris. Doing this will also help reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Prepare the base: You must amplify the base of the roof surface so it can carry the weight of the tin roof in full. It would help if you add the roofing support onto the roof surface itself. Make sure that the roofing material overlaps with one another, so as to prevent any gaps or holes, which can cause leaks in the future, or even contribute to early corrosion. Use nails to infix the sheets of roofing and stabilize them in their corresponding positions.

Add on boards to further strengthen the base: Add boards, preferably made of strong plywood or ply board to the base you have created, to add to its strength when the tin roof is already installed. This material will also help in protecting your roof. These boards are hardly affected by corrosion and can adapt to different types of climate.

Put on the tin roofing: After this, you can now set up the tin roof. Lay it onto the base by rolling it widely. Install the roof by nailing these down with roofing nails. You might have to add some sealant in between the surface of the nails and Make sure that the roof has been secured before you call it a job well done.

Aside from the fact that a tin roof is nature-friendly, they are also convenient. Tin roofs are easy to clean, and they will not fall off piece by piece. Tin roof that is installed this way helps in minimizing the noise from outside which can enter your household. Moreover, tin roofs are very durable. They can stand up to half a century.


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