How To Install a Vinyl Screen Door

Everyone loves a screen door because of the practicality it provides. It conceals the inside of your home from unwanted predators and elements but allows the cool summer breeze to enter your home on a hot sunny day without any hindrance. Yes, it is a fantastic piece of practical home living. Of course, if you are looking for beauty to match your homes theme, then screen doors fall short in that category. That said if you want a screen doors that can give your home the breeze it deserves and looks good at the same time, then you can go wrong with a vinyl screen door. It comes in different colors and textures so getting something that will match your home will not be that much of a challenge. The challenge will come as you install it. Don’t worry, though, these steps will guide you through it.

  • Whip out your tape measure. Before even purchasing your new vinyl screen door, you will definitely want to measure the door frame first. Take your tape measure and line it up on the inside of your door frame. Do the height first. Note it down then do the width of the door. Having the exact figures of the door frame will help you in choosing the dimensions of your vinyl screen door.
  • Purchase the screen door. Visit your local home improvement center and pick out a vinyl door with the same dimension of your measurements. If your doorway is not of standard size, you can have the door cut to the exact dimensions provided that you cut equal portions from each side of the door. Since vinyl screen doors come in a variety of colors and textures, pick one that matches your home’s theme.
  • Install the hinges. The screen door comes with an assembly of screws and hinges. Hold the door up to the door frame and mark the spot for the hinges based on the holes on the screen door for the hinges. There will be three hinges all in all. Once that is done, get a power drill and drill the holes for mounting the hinges. Mount the hinges onto the frame and bolt them down with screws. Make sure to position the hinges just right in order for the door to swing open the way you want it to later on. Complete the mounting of all three hinges.
  • Install the door. Most doors come with holes on its frame. However, if yours does not have, then you will need to drill the holes for the hinge. In any case, to install the door, line the door up with the top hinge and screw the hinge into the door frame. You will probably need someone to hole the door up for you so ask a friend to help you out. Start with the top hinge followed by the bottom hinge to stabilize the door. Once that is done, lock in the center hinge. Tighten all the screws and test how it swings. If it swings the way you like it to with no apparent hindrances, then you are done and will only need to apply the finishing touches.

The finishing touches to the installation of your vinyl screen door will be to screw in the door handles or latches in place on both sides and the hydraulic automatic door weights or closers at the interior side of the door. Once that is done, your screen door is ready to use.


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