How To Install an Exterior French Door

A French door is a door comprising full window casements that look like a window on a door. Thus, it can also be called a French window. A French door not only looks good and inviting for people to come in, but also allows for a greater illumination passing through the panes. It may be used as an alternative for sliding doors and also easier to install since you do not have to put panels on the floor and on the ceiling for the doors to slide in.

Since a French door is a type of a double door you will be doing the steps provided on each door.

  • The first order of business is measuring the space where you want to put the door. If you are planning to put it on an area without an existing door, you might want to add a couple of inches on each side and on top to add a door frame. Before cutting the wall, you need to see the electrical layout of your house to make sure you are not cutting into any wires. If you do have a door already in place, then most of the work will have been done for you, since you do not have to cut through your wall.
  • The next step is to purchase your new door. You can purchase prefabricated doors that already come with their own frames. If not, you can check if your existing doorframe will be able to handle the weight of your new French door. If it does come with its own frame, then you can remove the existing frame that you have as well.
  • You can remove your existing door by unscrewing the door from the frame and later by cutting out the frame itself.
  • The new door should also include a set of step-by-step instructions you can follow to install it on the door opening. Keep in mind that it is best to unscrew the hinges of the new door from its frame first, before trying to install the frame. This is to keep the frame at its lightest as to avoid any mishaps. If the door is already unscrewed make marks on both the frame and the door to be sure that they are level with each other.
  • Once the frame is installed, make sure that the material has set in place (glue or cement has dried) to keep the door from collapsing. You can then screw the hinges of the door to the frame.
  • If needed, you can insulate or waterproof the door sides.
  • If the door has a trim or a casing, it should also come with instructions on where best to position the nails to attach it to the wall.

Installing a door may be a challenging task for anyone. If you do choose a French door it will give additional warmth in the design and turn your house into your home. Once you follow these steps you will see your French door add an exquisite touch to your home.


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