How To Install an Indoor Pool in Your House

Installing an indoor pool in your house is ideal if you have extra space and if you love indoor recreation like a party in the area pool. But to install and design pools inside your house can be challenging. Instead of cost-cutting, however, hire a professional to do it for you. The prices of their services may be expensive, but you are sure to have a pool similar to the quality of a motel pool or pool parks.

DIY indoor pool installation. Out of the desire to cut cost and expenses, many people still choose to install indoor pools on their own. Although challenging, it can be done.

  1. Design pool. This step includes planning for the pool. Where do you want to install it, how big will it be, and what amenities will accompany your pool?  Decide also on the kind of indoor pool you want to have — should it be a fiberglass pool or a ceramic pool? You may want to visit a famous motel pool, area pool, or some pool parks to get design ideas.
  2. Look for resources on how to install indoor pool yourself. Check out websites like Do It Yourself  and Backyard City. Here, you will find specific instructions on how to install a fiberglass pool or a vinyl pool. Even installing underwater lights and pumps can be found in this website. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to follow instructions carefully for any DIY project.
  3. Check safety. Unless you are an expert, you should hire a professional to check the safety components of your DIY indoor pool installation. Let the professional check the drainage, the filter fabric, the soil, the perforations, the drain rock, the installation of accessories, and other features that the pool area covers.

Hiring a professional for indoor pool installation. Completing the installation of an indoor pool can take months, especially if you decide to do it all by yourself. If you want to be more productive with other things, then better leave the installation of the indoor pool to the professionals. Here are ways to find your professional pool installer.

  1. Consider recommendations. Ask some friends who have indoor pools about their contractors. Never fail to ask them about the contractor’s performance as well. Hiring a recommended professional is the best choice but if this is not available, you can go and find a professional yourself.
  2. Background checks. Make sure to check their background and know whether they have done similar projects before. Hire only a contractor who has had prior experience in installing indoor pools.
  3. Other helpers. Other professionals you might need for the job are architects and electricians. But in most cases, the contractor will already provide these for you. All you have to do is provide funding for the project.
  4. Compare. It is never a joke to spend money for installing an indoor pool. To get the best value for your money, better compare quotes and prices from at least two contractors. Compare their reputations as well as the extra services that each contractor covers.

You will still have to wait for several months before your indoor pool is finally installed. Once the pool is installed, however, you will have years and years of fun while partying in your own water wonder.


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