How To Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

An outdoor ceiling fan is an accessory that you can add as an accent piece to you deck or your patio. It can also be functional in keeping the air cool when you are using your deck. It is fairly easy to install an outdoor ceiling fan if you have some knowledge in the electrical field. You can also hire an electrician if you are not sure on how to install the ceiling fan properly.

Here are the steps on how to install an outdoor ceiling fan:

  1. Purchase the Fan. Purchase an outdoor fan that is the correct size for the area that you care going to put it in. Choose the type of fan that will work well with the theme of your area. You can purchase a modern type of ceiling fan or a classic type of ceiling fan. Make sure that you are purchasing an outdoor fan so that it can withstand different conditions outdoors. When purchasing a fan, go to a modern fan company that is already established so that you are sure of the quality of the fan. One good choice is the Monte Carlo Fan Company. They specialize in ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor use. Another good choice is Minka Aire ceiling fans.
  2. Wiring. The first thing you have to do before installing the fan is to fix the electrical wiring. This will be easy if you had a ceiling fan already installed and you just want to replace it. If you are going to install a new fan, you might want to get the help of an electrician to help you fix the wiring.
  3. Fan Assembly. The next thing you have to do is to assemble the fan. Use the instructions that came with the fan so that you will be guided in the set up process. Be sure to fix the blades of the fan according to the instructions.
  4. Motor Assembly. There is also a motor that comes with the fan. There are also directions on how to set up the motor and how to mount the fan on the motor. Be careful in handling the motor. Before installing the motor on the ceiling, make sure that the electricity is turned off. Install the motor, connect it to the electricity, and secure it with the base plate that came with the fan. Check whether the motor will work by turning it on.
  5. Installing the Fan. When the motor is securely fastened to the ceiling, the next thing you have to do is to attach the blades of the fan to the motor. Secure the blades of the fan with screws. Screw the blades tightly to ensure that they will not get detached when the fan is turned on. Test if the fan works properly.

These are the steps on how to install an outdoor ceiling fan. The instructions for every fan may vary so be sure to check the instructions that came with your fan. There are also some ceiling fans that come with lighting fixtures so be sure to read the instructions on how to install those types of fans.


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