How To Install an Ozone Generator in Your Pool

Perhaps you're familiar with the ozone layer, but you're not quite sure what good ozone will do to your pool. Here's a brief background on how it helps:

Ozone is composed of three oxygen molecules (O3) and is a powerful sterilant and natural purifier; it is able to effectively kill deadly bacteria and viruses and eliminate bad odor. Because of this, ozone purifiers, ozone therapy and ozone treatment are commonly used to treat municipal and industrial water; to purify air and neutralize common bad odors (such as tobacco smoke, pet odors and cooking smells); and to get rid of fungi, mold spores, mildew and other harmful organisms (including disease-causing salmonella and E. coli). Ozone machines are considered to be more effective than ion treatment and ultraviolet light treatment, since these two modes of purification are not able to eliminate molds and mold spores once they have formed.

With this brief background on the uses of ozone and its positive implications to human health and safety, you can see how having an ozone generator would help you enjoy a cleaner, more worry-free swim. An additional fact is that skin absorbs about half a liter of water for every hour you stay in the pool, and just imagine what substances are included in this mixture: human skin flakes, urine, mucous, unsafe chemicals such as chlorine and bacteria. Ozone water lets you be free from these worries.

All this being said, how do you install an ozone generator in your pool? For most products, you wouldn't actually have to place the whole machine underwater; you simply have to set up the ozone generator beside the pool, in a shaded place such as the garage, pump house or shed. Afterwards, connect the hose component to the filter, and drop the filter by the side of the pool and let it immerse to the bottom. The machine would then give off bubbles that contain ozone molecules, which purify the water in the pool.

Some brands and models, however, require having the ozone generator installed within the pool area. As a precautionary measure, it's better that you hire a professional plumber to have the device installed in this case. In whatever case, make sure that you read the instructional manual thoroughly before you begin the installation process.

To ensure that the ozone generator works efficiently, make sure that you have the parts cleaned regularly, most important of which would be the filter. You could clean the filter with a brush and a hose, to take away the dirt and impurities that have been collected. Also, you have to replace the internal ozone lamp every 18 months to 2 years.

There are many ozone generator manufacturers offering pool ozonators online. Some of these include Sunshine Pool Products at which offer their model Thunder ozone systems; and Blue Diamond Water at

Apart from being sure that the water you're dipping into is not causing you any harm, be sure to enjoy the sparkling clean water that results from the purification process. Good luck!  


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