How To Install and Use a Sauna in Your Own Home

For many people, having their own sauna at home is a dream come true.  In this age of awareness, more and more persons are being drawn in by the lure of spas, whirlpools, good diets and overall wellness.  This is proof that people are becoming aware of the benefits of staying healthy and living a healthy life.   

If you are interested in installing a sauna in your crib, but you do not yet have any idea how to go about it, you can opt for a prefabricated one. Many manufacturers nowadays have made installing a sauna easy.  You can buy a prefab package and start setting up your own sauna room.  You can do it even with little carpentry experience.  Makers of sauna systems usually, if not all the time, have manuals that come with their products.  And the heaters are included with the necessary carpentry equipment.  But of course, before you order, you have to at least know and identify the area in your house that you want to put your sauna in.  You should also have the measurements of the space so that you will not have any problems when installing your unit.  If you have not done any carpentry before, you don't have to fret.  There are modular saunas available that you just have to assemble. 

To give you an idea, most saunas are put up near the bath or shower rooms.  Sometimes, units are built adjacent to each other.  You have to consider the number of people that might use the setup all together at one time.  Then you can estimate the size of the sauna room that you need.  Sizes can range from a small closet to a huge room.  To have the right feel of the sauna, wood strips are used.  Benches are made with the same material.  To maximize the heat produced, the arrangement of the seats matters.  The typical height of a sauna room is about 7 feet. The benches can be arranged by levels. If you want more heat, place the benches high along the walls, and if you want lesser heat, place the benches lower. 

There are categories to choose from when deciding to build a sauna.  You have to ascertain what type of system you want.  First, there is the steam sauna.  The traditional Finnish steam sauna is one where water is poured over heated rocks.  This produces the steam that makes the sauna room hot.  Next is the dry heat sauna.  Heat in a dry heat sauna is produced by a condenser and a heating element.  In this setup, a fan blows the air into the room.  As per the name, there is no steam in this type of sauna.  You can opt for electric heaters, Far Infrared Ray ceramics, or gas heaters.  In the long run, gas heaters tend to be the cheaper choice.  But the popular choice nowadays is the electric heater.  For this, you only have to use a power outlet.  There will be no need to put in plumbing lines.  

In the end, installing a sauna is easy.  Just be informed about the type you're planning to get and base your decisions on these elements:  location, number of people who will use the sauna, size and the heating equipment.  Health and wellness could very well just be a few sauna baths away.


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