How To Install Artificial Grass

Fake grass

The issue of water shortages is getting serious. It requires some sort of conservation on our part, even through simple ways to help in living away from the crisis. In accordance to this, people are starting to consider artificial grass for their turf. This is common in sports grounds, residential, and even commercial places.

Aside from its low maintenance costs, artificial grass does not require daily watering, which is actually consuming a lot more water than expected. The replacement of natural grass by synthetic grass is gaining its purpose as per reviews. However, the cost of artificial turf, also referred as astro turf, is expensive. For this reason, installing the synthetic turf yourself, especially for residential purposes, gives a new light to its purpose. Self-installation cuts down the total cost of having the artificial field turf.

Yes, it might sound difficult to do, as it requires a professional installation commonly. However, here are some few steps you can follow in installing the fake grass carpet:

  1. Clean the area. So that the grass will be placed evenly, the area should be free from any large stones, weeds, and grasses.
  2. Level the area. You can even out the area using a rake. At some instances, it is necessary to place a thin layer of sand so as to ensure that the area is smooth for installation.
  3. Measure the area. Since you want to achieve an almost natural and perfect look of your field turf, you should carefully note down the dimensions of the area. This should be done prior to the purchase to ensure that the synthetic grass carpet will cover every inch of your lawn.
  4. Layer it down. You may start rolling the fake grass carpet over the area and trim it wherever it is needed. If you are using pieces of astro turf, then you should start layering it from the center. Just a reminder, make sure that the carpets are laid down in the same direction.
  5. Secure the turf. Apply adhesive on the seams of the carpet and glue them in place. Some carpets will require you to place six inches long nails in every 25 inches of the turf. Others just require a weight to be applied overnight after the ends are glued together. As to what is the best option for you, check out reviews of the kinds of carpets so you can get the best find.
  6. Spread infill materials. Now, for the natural effect you are trying to achieve, you may add either sand or rubber granules on the carpet. Spread them with the use of a broom.

Now that you know the basics in installing an astro turf, you can consider having one. Not only will you save from the extra cost of installing artificial grass for your lawn, but also from the cost of maintenance. You can have such a natural-looking lawn, less the effort of watering it everyday.


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