How To Install Artificial Turf

You may have different reasons why you want artificial turf or grass to be installed. One of these reasons is to be able to keep the area usable for sports during the rainy season. You may also want one to minimize the time for maintenance purposes or even to conserve water as there is no need irrigate your field. You may do it for health reasons as well since you need not put pesticides that may be harmful to you and your family. Others do it because it’s hard to get enough sunlight in the area that they want done. In most cases, professional help will be needed in installing artificial turf, but if you are a DIY buff, you may want to take on this project yourself.

  • The first step is to know what you are getting into. Know what product you are getting. Do enough research to know if you can handle and know what product will benefit you the most.
  • Also, keep check on your budget to know what type artificial grass you can get, you need to know what material is being used, the grass count per area, the quality of the product, warranty and so on.
  • Once you have determined all of these, you can now search what you are looking for. You can go to your home furnishing store and look for one so that you can see and feel the material or even search online.
  • You will need to measure the area of the artificial grass you that you need. It is best if you can procure a single piece that will cover the whole area that you need. If it is an irregular shape, make sure to get enough material to cover the whole place, rather than patching small spaces that are uncovered.
  • If you are replacing your lawn with real grass, then the first thing to do is to remove grass on the area.
  • The next step is to level the area you will put the artificial grass on. You may use crushed stone, pebbles or stone pellets generously to the surface area with artificial turf for irrigation purposes. You need to compress the stones for a sturdier finish.
  • Once level, you may now roll over the lawn on top of the crushed pebble. You may want to be sure of the placement of the artificial turf before attaching the included anchors. If it does not include anchors, use 6-8 inch landscaping nails spread evenly, approximately 2 feet apart.
  • You may want to place material in the edges like bricks or round palm-sized stones to hide the edge of the artificial turf.
  • Add a layer of sand, spread evenly across the field. Use a garden brush to even out the sand, and then water your new lawn until the sand has sunk to position your new lawn in place.

Your new artificial turf is ready and you will be able to use it once dried, to play sports or whatever purpose it serves. Keep in mind, that though it’s artificial, you will still need to water your lawn once every couple of weeks to maintain and keep clean.


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