How To Install Ceiling Tiles

Ceilings give an impact on the ambiance of the house. Selecting an appropriate ceiling tile will depend on your choice and on your concept. Take a look at different designs of ceiling tiles, from the materials and measures.

Here are the steps on how to install ceiling tiles.

  1. Start with the safety and make sure that you have your proper tools when doing the job.
  2. Measure the total distance from wall to wall on one side of the room. If its measure is exactly in feet you need not cut border tiles. Border tiles are applied when the dimension of the wall is not in exact feet. In cases like this you will add 12 to the number of inches then divide it by two. This will give you the measure of your border tiles. Use the same method for the other side of the wall.
  3. Get the materials needed for installation. Retailers offer a variety of ceiling tiles or ceiling panels depending on the ceiling design you are up to. Tiles also vary with their prices, but take a look at the quality. Some tiles are cheap but have the lowest quality. Ask for the best quality of tiles. It might be expensive but purchasing them at a wholesale price may give you a discount. You may also choose to buy panels made of plastic or asbestos for fire protection. Plastic tiles are usually washable so it will last a long time before you have to buy a replacement. Ask your supplier to help you estimate the needed materials according to your measurements.
  4. After getting the necessary materials, get ready for installing. Cut all the border tiles according to the measurement of the wall. Then you're ready to put the tiles on.
  5. There are two ways of installing ceiling tiles, depending on the type of ceiling, like tin ceiling, suspended ceiling or drop ceiling. The first way is by using adhesives and the other way is by using staples or nails. Adhesives are used if the ceiling is made of materials that produce sound. Another is to staple or nail. The staple method is used if the ceiling has exposed joints and the ceiling is made of unsound materials.
  6. Installing with adhesives is almost the same in installing kitchen tiles. Check the painted part; some tiles don't adhere because the paint may flake or it can become chalky. Experiment on this, try 3-5 tiles first and observe if they will adhere. Draw a line using a chalk on both sides of the room. Make certain that it is equal to the size of your border tiles. Use these lines to make tiles parallel on the first row of the border tiles. Put adhesives on four corners of the tile for about 1 inch from the edges then in the middle of the tile. Place the first border tile on the corner. Do the same with the other border tiles. After placing the border tiles you may now fill up the ceiling with the full-sized tiles. Then wait to dry up and you're done.
  7. Installing with nails is a bit different. First, nail furring strips on the ceiling before installing the tiles. When you're done with the furring strips, draw a line with a chalk to keep the border tiles in line. Staple the first border tile on the corner, followed by the other border tiles, then fill up the ceiling with the full-sized tiles.

It may sound like a hard task but it will give your home a new look and definitely, a good ambiance.


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