How To Install Ceramic Floor Tile Over Linoleum

Looking neat and sanitary, ceramic tiles are common enhancements at home. Plastering them on your floor does not always require professional help from construction employee or carpenters. Doing it yourself saves you a part of your resources, especially when you have linoleum installed on your floor prior to the tiling. This works when the linoleum has concrete underlay. You have to do away with it when the subfloor happens to be wood. The lumber can cause fissures in the future. After dealing with whichever prior condition your flooring has, here are steps you can follow in putting ceramic tiles over linoleum.

  • Other existent enhancements on the floor should be taken out. Clearing out the area is the first step in the installation. This clearing targets existent fixtures and enhancements. This set includes strips as edging, the toilet set in the bathroom, and whatever is embedded around the base where you are working.
  • Finish cleaning the entire area up. Clear up the mess caused by the clear out. Be careful not to rub down the linoleum. There are previous varieties that contain a dangerous chemical, asbestos, which can cause harm to the lungs.
  • Structure your tile flooring. Lay your tiles on the floor that is yet unapplied with adhesive. This will give you a picture of the design and construction of the tile covering. You also get the number of tiles you need to plaster the entire area and the sizes of the edge and corner tiles. Little cuts can be made through the tile nipper. If you need to trim full sides, use a wet saw. Take the cuts and fit them with the sides of the fixtures on the area. Apply sealant in rooms where moisture seeps easily.
  • Start laying the tiles over the floor. Put tile glue on the first ceramic using a notched trowel. Use spacers to set each tile apart from one another. The spaces should be the same for all adjacent tiles. Begin installing tiles at the middle of the room.
  • Clean up as you go. Wipe right away the adhesive that oozes outside of the squares. This is to prevent the tile glue from staining the gaps when left to dry by itself. To make sure that tiles are leveled, thump a short row of tiles with a tack hammer or a leveler.
  • Apply finishing touches on the floor. Cover the tiled area with grout, using a float in between tiles. Lay a blob of silicone caulk for tiles around fixtures and bottom edges of walls. Reinstall the toilet set or any fixture removed in the beginning of installation. Your flooring is now adorned by lovely ceramic tiles.

The beauty of your finished product depends on being careful in following the set of instructions given you. One thing is sure; installing ceramic tile over linoleum is a skill you can learn by yourself. You can get your old linoleum ceramic-covered in just a matter of hours or days, depending on the time you have and the size of the area you are working on. Availability of tools is also a factor. Expensive ones can be rented rather than purchased. Check out with your local home center.


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