How To Install Chain Link Fence Posts

Setting up the parameters of your house and yard entails decision-making and preparation. Knowing your boundaries, literally, is always the first step. Determining the easing of the streets and alleys around you should not be missed in the preparation. You should also perform an in-depth look at the utilities beneath your terrain. These come into the picture besides deciding on the kind of fence you want to build in the first place. Borders made out of chain links are a great choice. If you want a clue on how to put up the posts, the instructions below will guide you through.

  • Complete your set of tools. After setting legal matters straight, get your tools ready for action. Aside from the stakes, you will need the following common construction materials and tools: bags of cement depending on the area size, paint, posts, an electronic digger, spades, sticky tape of several colors, and a wheelbarrow.
  • Finalize your measurement. What do you see in the bigger picture? Design the entire gateway-and-chain-link structure. Establish the dimensions of your gate, the distance separating corner to corner, and the exact spots of easement and underground facilities. Use posts to mark all these indicators. Dig them into the ground where corner posts and the opening will be installed. Make an allowance for the width of each doorpost at the opening. Use different colors for the post markers to relieve you from confusion during installation.
  • Hollow out the ground with an electronic digger. If you do not own one, buy it out from an electronics store. The investment will save you from future trouble. Using manual tools like a shovel or a spade does not only require more energy, but also more time and administration. They also lessen the durability of your fence since creating holes with them oftentimes necessitate block-out. Blocking out a hole does not always result to weak or crumbling fence state, but it causes the ground used for filling to be looser. The electronic digger drills manageable holes. Using this equipment, generate holes as deep as18-24 inches and with an approximate diameter of 8 inches. Your post should reach a height of about 45 inches. To achieve this, pour in an estimated amount of gravel to the hole. This will serve as the foundation for your fence post.
  • Seal up posts with cement. When the gravel base is leveled, it is time to fill up the hole with concrete slab. Get your wheelbarrow in which you will have the fast-dry cement content blended. If you do not own this tool, you can mix the cement in a container of 5-gallon water. Bring the mixture close to where you are working for easy ladling. Pour cement from the bottom through the brim. Make sure the pole is leveled at the top. The concrete slab will take two days to completely dry.

When you are done with all the posts, take a break. Wait for the due assuage of the wet cement. When the fillings dry, your posts will be ready to be chain-linked. Mounting chain link fence posts yourself on your yard is a rewarding act in itself. It gives your home boundaries a truly personal touch.


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